Glenoid labrum

Glenoid labrum

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Name = Glenoidal labrum
Latin = labrum glenoidale
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Caption = Glenoid fossa of right side.

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:"The Acetabular labrum is also known as the "glenoidal labrum of the hip joint" in older texts."The glenoidal labrum (glenoid ligament) is a fibrocartilaginous rim attached around the margin of the glenoid cavity.

It is triangular on section, the base being fixed to the circumference of the cavity, while the free edge is thin and sharp.

It is continuous above with the tendon of the long head of the Biceps brachii, which gives off two fasciculi to blend with the fibrous tissue of the labrum.

It deepens the articular cavity, and protects the edges of the bone.

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*Bankart lesion
*Hill-Sachs lesion

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