Aeolian may refer to:
* things related to Æolus, the Greek God of wind
* Aeolian harp, a harp that is played by the wind
* Aeolian processes, wind generated geologic processes
* Aeolians, an ancient Greek tribe said to be descended from Æolus
* Aeolian Islands, islands in the Tyrrhenian Sea
* Aeolian mode, a musical mode, the natural minor key
* Aeolian order, an order of architecture
* Aeolian Hall, any one of a number of concert halls of that name
* Aeolian Quartet, a string quartet (1952-1981) based in London
* Aeolian Company a maker of pianolas and piano rolls.
* Aeolian sandstone, a sandstone formed from wind transported sediment.
* Aeolian (album), an album by German post-metal band The Ocean Collective

ee also

* Aeolis, an area of Asia Minor that was inhabited by ancient Greeks
* Aeolic Greek, the Ancient Greek dialect of the Aeolians
* Éolienne Bollée, a turbine worked by the wind

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  • Aeolian — (adj.) c.1600, of the wind, from L. Æolus god of the winds, from Gk. Aiolos, from aiolos quickly moving. Æolian harp first recorded 1791. The ancient district of Aiolis in Asia Minor was said to have been named for the wind god, hence Æolian also …   Etymology dictionary

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