HRA may refer to:

*H & R Firearms
*Hagerstown Regional Airport
*Health Reimbursement Account / Health Reimbursement Arrangement
*HR Advantage, an HRIS
*Health risk assessment
*Hereditary Renal Adysplasia
*Heritage Railway Association
*Himalayan Rescue Association
*Hindustan Republican Association
*Holy Royal Arch, a degree and a series of organizing bodies (Chapters) in Freemasonry
*Hot rear action, a commonly used slang term referencing anal sex that renders other acronyms using these initials humorous
*Hot rolled asphalt
*Home runs allowed
*Housing and Redevelopment Authority, a governmental entity of Bloomington, Minnesota
*Human reliability analysis
*Human Rights Act
*Human Rights Association
*Bronchial hyperresponsiveness (HyperReactive Airways - Asthma)
*Hereditary renal adyplasia, a subtype of Potter Syndrome
*High Redundancy Actuation, a concept in fault tolerant control
*The Horse Rangers Association
*Human resource accounting
*High Resolution Anoscopy

ee also

*Hra, a Finnish abbreviation for Herra, similar to Mr.

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