Toonami Jetstream

Toonami Jetstream

Toonami Jetstream is an ad-supported online broadband service and a remake of Toonami's previous video streaming service Toonami Reactor provided by Cartoon Network and Viz Media. It hosts various Toonami hits and has music videos, game reviews, and a comment box. It premiered July 17, 2006. Toonami Jetstream is only available in the United States. A computer with Windows 2000 SP4+, Windows XP, Windows Vista or Mac OS X, Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5 (or higher) or Mozilla Firefox 1.5 (or higher), Adobe Flash 9, and a broadband connection are required. After the cancellation of the Toonami block in September 2008, the Toonami name will be removed from the Toonami Jetstream brand.


Current series (premieres)

* " Blue Dragon " (debuted on Jetstream April 7, 2008, was on television at time of Jetstream's debut, now exclusively on Jetstream) (airs weekly) (TV-Y7-FV)
* "Hikaru no Go" (debuted on Jetstream July 14, 2006 with biweekly instruction "How to play Go" clips, now finished) (airs biweekly) (TV-PG)
* "Kiba" (debuted on Jetstream July 14, 2008) (airs biweekly) (TV-PG-V)
* "Zatch Bell!" (debuted on Jetstream March 12, 2007, on hiatus at time up to episode 77 of Jetstream debut, though that hiatus is ignored in this case) (airs weekly) (TV-Y7-FV)

Current series (reruns)

* "MÄR" (debuted on Jetstream July 14, 2006, debuted on television December 23, 2006) (airs biweekly) (TV-PG-V)
* "Naruto" (debuted on Jetstream July 14, 2006, was on television at time of Jetstream's launch) (airs weekly) (TV-PG-V,S,D)
* "Pokémon: Master Quest" 1(debuted on Jetstream June 16, 2008, formerly on television) (airs weekly) (TV-Y7-FV)
* "Samurai Jack" (debuted on Jetstream July 14, 2006, formerly on television) (reactive as of April 28, 2008) (airs weekly) (TV-Y7-FV)
* "" (debuted on Jetstream September 29, 2008)


These shows have been taken off the schedule prematurely, possibly due to dubbing of the shows.
* " Eyeshield 21 " (debuted on Jetstream December 17, 2007) (TV-PG)
* "Mega Man Star Force" (debuted on Jetstream July 23, 2007, debuted on television August 25, 2007) (aired biweekly) (TV-Y7-FV)
* "The Prince of Tennis" (debuted on Jetstream July 14, 2006, debuted on television December 23, 2006) (aired biweekly) Hiatus-December 3, 2007) (TV-PG)

These shows have been taken off the schedule prematurely, for reasons unknown:
* " Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo " (debuted on Jetstream November 5 , 2007, formerly on television) (aired weekly) (TV-Y7) and (TV-PG-D)
* "Dragon Ball" (debuted on Jetstream July 2, 2007, formerly on television) (aired weekly) (TV-Y7-FV)
* "Dragon Ball Z" (debuted on Jetstream September 10, 2007, was on television in reruns at time of Jetstream debut) (aired two episodes a weekday) (TV-Y7-FV)
* "One Piece" (debuted on Jetstream August 13, 2007, was on television at time of Jetstream debut) (aired weekly) (TV-Y7)

Finished/Inactive series

* "Megas XLR" (debuted on Jetstream July 14, 2006, formerly on television) (Inactive as of March 11, 2007) (aired weekly) (TV-Y7)
* "Pokémon Chronicles" (debuted on Jetstream October 9, 2006, on television at time of Jetstream debut) (Inactive as of April 15, 2007) (aired weekly) (TV-Y7)
* "Pokémon: Johto League Champions" 1(debuted on Jetstream June 4, 2007, formerly on television) (inactive as of July 7, 2008) (aired weekly) (TV-Y7-FV)
* "Pokémon: Johto League Journeys"1 (started from the middle of the untitled second season, entitled "Adventures in the Orange Islands" on the DVDs) (debuted on Jetstream October 9, 2006, formerly on television) (inactive as of November 10, 2007) (aired weekly) (TV-Y7-FV)
* "" (debuted on Jetstream June 25, 2007, formerly on television) (inactive as of January 21, 2008) (aired weekly) (TV-Y7-FV)
* "" (debuted on Jetstream February 15, 2008, is currently on television as part of the regular Cartoon Network lineup) (Inactive as of September 29, 2008) (aired weekly) (TV-Y7-FV)


* "" (TV-PG-V)


* "Pokémon"1 (debuted on Jetstream January 14, 2007, formerly on television) (airs weekly) (aired episode 55-57, the first three episodes that Todd appears, to commenerate the release of Pokemon Snap for Wii) (TV-Y7-FV)

=Reportedly coming soon [cite web | url= | work=Upcoming shows | title=Cartoon Network and VIZ Media Announce Broadband Joint Venture, Toonami Jetstream | date=2006-04-25 | accessdate=2006-10-03] =

* "IGPX" (TV-Y7) and (TV-PG-L)
* "MegaMan NT Warrior" (TV-Y7-FV)
* "" (TV-Y7-FV) [cite web |url=|title=Toonami Jetstream to Host One Piece, DBZ, Bobobo-bo|accessdate=2008-03-30|date=2007-08-08|publisher=Anime News Network|quote=The companies also confirmed that Zoids Genesis will stream at an unspecified date.]

Availability of each series

Currently, Toonami Jetstream has five shows that originally can not be found anywhere else in their dubbed format. These shows are "The Prince of Tennis", "Eyeshield 21", "MÄR", "MegaMan Star Force", and "Kiba". The fourth premiered on Toonami as an edited TV movie on August 25, 2007, and due to the online popularity of the The Prince of Tennis and MAR, they were added to the Toonami line-up on December 23, 2006, but Toonami Jetstream continues to show the world premiere English-language episodes, save for one "MÄR" episode that premiered on Toonami. However, as of June 2007, "The Prince of Tennis" and "MÄR" have been removed from the Toonami schedule, though a DVD release for them has begun. "MegaMan Star Force" has not been seen on Toonami since its edited TV movie.

Premiere episodes of "Naruto" are currently being aired on TV, and previous episodes are available on DVD. The episodes on Toonami Jetstream are repeats.

"Dragon Ball Z", "Samurai Jack", "", "Dragon Ball", "Pokémon Chronicles", "Megas XLR" and "Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo" have already been aired completely on Cartoon Network. While "Samurai Jack" has only aired a small portion of its episodes on Toonami, it has been completely aired on Cartoon Network and all four seasons of the show are available on DVD. All of "Megas XLR" has aired on Toonami, except for one episode which was skipped due to an error and later shown on Miguzi. "Star Wars: Clone Wars" and "Dragon Ball Z" have completely aired on Toonami and are also available on DVD. "Dragon Ball" has also finished airing on Toonami and is available on DVD and is also currently airing reruns on CoLours TV. "Pokémon Chronicles" has finished airing on Toonami (except for one episode which aired on the normal Cartoon Network schedule), and Toonami Jetstream merely showed reruns starting from the first episode. "Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo" finished airing and 2 DVDs are available containing the first 8 episodes.

"Hikaru no Go" is currently on ImaginAsian TV and is also available on DVD. It is unknown if it will surpass its ImaginAsian TV run or its DVD releases on Toonami Jetstream.

"Pokémon" has aired four seasons - the "Johto League Journeys" episodes previously aired on Kids' WB! (first run), Cartoon Network (reruns), and Toonami Jetstream (Reruns) are also available on DVD, but it actually started at the Orange League episode "The Pokémon Water War". They are currently airing "Johto League Champions" episodes that aired on Kids' WB! and are on DVD, but only a select few aired on Cartoon Network. They are also airing "Master Quest" episodes that aired on Kids' WB! (first run), on Cartoon Network's now-defunct Miguzi block (reruns), and are on DVD. "Original Series" episodes aired previously on Kids' WB! (first run, though some aired in syndication first), Cartoon Network (reruns), and currently on Jetstream (also reruns).

"One Piece" is airing reruns from Toonami, with the first 58 episodes having been aired on 4Kids TV prior to their Toonami premieres.

"Zatch Bell!" originally aired on Toonami for 77 episodes, and is in the midst of a DVD release, however, it seemingly vanished from television after episode 77. Later, the show was added to Toonami Jetstream, and more recently, premiere English language episodes are being shown.

"IGPX" has already finished airing on Cartoon Network, with most of its run being on Toonami, and is in the midst of a DVD release.

There has been no word on the fate of "MegaMan NT Warrior" (which had aired on Kids' WB! for most of its run), but it is presumably being skipped in favor of "Star Force".

"Zoids Genesis" will be a dub premiere, if it airs.

"" is currently airing episodes on TV, though not on Toonami, leaving Toonami Jetstream to air reruns

"Blue Dragon" aired Saturday mornings on Cartoon Network's regular schedule for the first 14 episodes. Toonami Jetstream used to air reruns, but now it airs the world premiere English language episodes as of July 21, 2007.

One of the movies to air on Jetstream is "".

As of June 30, 2008, "Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo" "Dragon Ball", "Dragon Ball Z", and "One Piece" are seemingly no longer available on the site despite not being finished. This may be linked to the fact that Cartoon Network is slowly trying to remove all anime from their programming blocks outside of adult swim. It is unknown if or when they will return.

RSS feed

Currently, Toonami Jetstream is offering two ways to check for updates. The first is a RSS feed on their [ website] . Alternatively, a downloadable program called the Toonami Jetstream Desktop Receiver collects and displays updates automatically, allowing easy access to new additions.

Promotions with the Toonami Block

The Toonami website began advertising the service on July 3, 2006. The first television promo was during Cartoon Planet on July 9, 2006. The first Toonami promo was on July 15, 2006, during a special "Naruto" marathon.

Sister Sites

Currently, Toonami Jetstream only has one sister site, entitled "Cartoon Network Video". It primarily features shows like "Ed, Edd, n' Eddy"; "The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy"; "My Gym Partner's A Monkey", and "", along with some cartoons exclusive to the website.


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