Simon (surname)

Simon (surname)

Simon is a surname, and may refer to many people.


* Abbey Simon
* André Simon
* Anne Simon


* Barry Simon, American mathematical physicist.
* Ben Simon
* Bill Simon
* Bob Simon


* Calvin Simon
* Carlos Eugênio Simon
* Carly Simon, American musician
* Chris Simon
* Claude Simon, French writer
* Cliff Simon
* Corey Simon
* Cosette Simon


* Danny Simon
* David Simon (CEO)
* David Simon, Baron Simon of Highbury
* David Simon (writer)
* Dick Simon
* Diederik Simon


* Edgardo Simon
* Eleazar ben Simon
* Elizabeth Simon
* Émilie Simon
* Ernst Simon
* Eugen Simon
* Ernst Julius Walter Simon
* Eugène Simon, French arachnologist


* Francesca Simon
* Francis Simon (born Franz Eugen Simon) German/British physical chemist
* François Pascal Simon, Baron Gérard


* Geroy Simon
* Glyn Simon
* Greg Simon
* Günther Simon
* Gustav Simon
* Gustav Simon (physician), German surgeon


* Harry Simon
* Helmut Simon
* Herbert Simon, cognitive psychologist and polymath


* Jean-Claude Simon
* Jed Simon
* Jocelyn Simon, Baron Simon of Glaisdale
* Joe Simon
* Joe Simon (musician)
* Joe Simon, wrestler known as Joe Malenko
* John Simon, 1st Viscount Simon, Lord Chancellor of Great Britain 1940–45, and several of his descendants who also held the title of Viscount Simon
* John Simon, author and literary, film and drama critic
* John Simon, record producer for Columbia Records
* Sir John Simon, Chief Medical Officer for England, 1855 - 1876
* John L. Simon
* Joseph Simon
* Josette Simon
* Joshua Simon, Curator from Tel Aviv
* Juanito Simon, Filipino inventor
* Jules Simon, French statesman and philosopher
* Julián Simón
* Julian Lincoln Simon
* Justin Philip Simon, Marshall University student


* K. V. Simon, Indian poet
* Kerry Simon
* Kevin Simon


* Leslie Earl Simon
* Lidia Simon
* Lou Anna Simon
* Lucy Simon


* Maria Simon
* Marge Simon
* Mark Simon
* Michel Simon
* Mike Simon (1883-1963), American baseball player
* Miles Simon
* J. Minos Simon


* Neil Simon, American playwright and screenwriter
* Norton Simon, American industrialist


* Pál Simon, Hungarian athlete
* Paul Simon of Simon and Garfunkel, musician
* Paul Simon, US senator
* Peter Simon


* Rachel Simon
* Randall Simon
* Raymond Simon
* Richard Simon, French biblical critic
* Richard L. Simon
* Roberlandy Simon, Cuban volleyball player
* Robert E. Simon
* Roger L. Simon

* S. J. Simon
* Sam Simon
* Scott Simon
* Sharon Simon
* Simone Simon
* Siôn Simon


* T. F. Simon, Czech artist
* Ted Simon
* Theodore Simon
* Thomas Simon


* Walt Simon
* William E. Simon


* Zoe Kelli Simon

ee also

* Simon
* Baron Simon of Wythenshawe
* Saint-Simon
* Simone
* Simons

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