Product.01 are an electronic duo consisting of Austrian/Australian vocalist Rochelle Vincente Von K and Italian/English producer Marc Adamo.

The release of their "Zero-One EP" in 2004 garnered them critical acclaim, much of it instigated by their heated reinterpretation of the Blondie classic, "Heart Ov Glass" (also included on the LP). More singles and remix work followed with artists such as Adam Freeland, Chicks On Speed, Dave Clarke, and Princess Superstar. Product.01 have also shared stages with the likes of Tiga, Fatboy Slim, and Bobby Gillespie, and have performed in diverse venues, including the Tate Britain, winning over celebrity fans including Björk ("Your music ignites my soul") and Utah Saints in the process.

Keeping things burning along, Product.01 hit back with the 'Hot EP', featuring three mixes of 'Hot Trap', which stormed Radio One & worldwide radio & clubs, as well as hit reviews. The music video for 'Hot Trap' featured on MTV, where it was Top 10 hit on the MTV Dancefloor Chart in the UK & Europe for a month; as well as high rotation on MTV Dance, MTV Europe, Flaunt Chart Show, Kick TV, amongst others. It was Pick Of The Week on Zane Lowe's (Radio One) 'Revolution' & video of the month on Ministry Of Sound TV, as well as shown (along with the 'Heart Ov Glass' video) at the Lumen Eclipse Arts Gallery in Harvard Square, Cambridge MA, alongside works by artists such as Yoko Ono, Michel Gondry, Antony and the Johnsons, and MK12.



*2006: "Bullet Ride", Freshly Squeezed Music



*Hot Trap/Countdown (Freshly Squeezed, UK) - February 2007


*Gary / Boys Club - Alter Ego Vs P.01 + Tiga's Italia '90 Remix (Klang Elektronik) - July 2008


*Bleep U In The Sky - September 2008

*Ready 2 Rage - July 2008

*Gary / Boys Club - Alter Ego Vs P.01 + Tiga's Italia '90 Remix (Klang Elektronik) - July 2008

*Fix Me EP (Product.01 Records, Prod 1204) - November 2007 - Fix Me Vox, Dub, Instrumental & Broken Robot Mixes + Fix Me Mogi Vs Marco Berto Remix

*The Hot EP (Product.01 Records, Prod 1203) - April 2006 - Hot Trap Moonstomp Mix + Hot Trap ElectroVox Mix + Hot Trap Acid Remix

*Access EP - Product.01 Vs Laz (Superstonic Records) - March 2006 - Access + Access Dub + Access Remix

*Heart Ov Glass Remixes EP 2 (Compost Records 184-1) - April 2005 - Heart Ov Glass Instrumental Mix + Lopazz Mix + Tommie Sunshine Mix + State Ov Electrik

*Heart Ov Glass Remixes EP 1 (Compost Records 183-1) - March 2005 - Heart Ov Glass Original Mix + Justus Koehncke Mix + Melts

*The Loud EP (Bow Wow 2) - Jan 2005 - I Like It Loud + I Like It Now + I Like It Loud BuckFunk 3000 Remix

*The Cloned EP (Product.01 Records, Prod 1202) - Sep 2004 - Clone + Diamond + Clone Doppelganger Remix

*The Zero One EP (Product.01 Records, Prod 1201) - Jan 2004 - Heart Ov Glass + Crushproof + Symbionic


*Alter Ego, What's Next?! (Klang Elektronik) - 2008 - Gary / Boys Club - Alter Ego Feat. Rochelle/Product.01

*La Terrazza (Circle Music) - 2008 - Mixed by Anderson Noise and Sergio Patricio - Access Vocal & Dub Mixes - Laz aka Superstonic Vs Product.01/Rochelle

*Undressed, Ursula 1000 Remixed (ESL Music) - 2007 - Electrik Boogie Product.01 Remix

*Island 7 (Sony/BMG/Warner Records) - 2007 - Heart Ov Glass Original Mix

*Ibiza MegaMix 2007 (Selected/Alive) - 2007 - Mogi Vs Rochelle - Nation In A Funk

*Elektro Club Vol.2 (Universal Records) - 2007 - Mogi Vs Rochelle - Nation In A Funk

*Fabric Live Tayo Mix (Fabric London) - 2007 - Bullet Holes - Vicious Exit(Best Of British Compilation Winner / DJ Magazine Best Of British Awards)

*House Clubmix Vol.1 - 40 Hot Traxx In The Mix (Universal Records) - 2007 - Mogi Vs Rochelle - Nation In A Funk

*Elektro Beat Shock 2 (Do It Yourself Records) - 2007 - Mogi Vs Rochelle - Nation In A Funk

*Playhouse Vol.12 (Magesy Records) - 2007 - Mogi Vs Rochelle - Nation In A Funk

*Farfa Sound (Do It Yourself Records) - 2007 - Mogi Vs Rochelle - Nation In A Funk

*House Top 100 Vol.7 (XYZ) - 2007 - Mogi Vs Rochelle - Nation In A Funk

*Return To Paradise, VOL.2, Falling High (Sony/BMG Records) - 2007 - Heart Ov Glass Original Mix

*Eclectrik (Freshly Squeezed, UK) - 2007 - Hot Trap, Moonstomp Mix

*Erotic Lounge 5 - Secret Affairs (Sony/BMG Records) - August 2006 - Heart Ov Glass Original Mix

*Bassbin Twins Vs Marine Parade (Marine Parade) - August 2006 - We Want Your Soul Product.01 Mix

*New Sounds of ElectroClash Fresh Imported Disko-Punk (SPF Records USA) - March 2006 - Heart Ov Glass Original Mix

*Covers (Alrights Records Japan) - March 2006 - Heart Ov Glass Tommie Sunshines Candy Flip Mix

*Science Fiction Jazz Vol 9 - Compiled by Minus 8 (Mole Records) - Feb 2006 - Heart Ov Glass Justus Köhncke Mix

*Compost 200 - Freshly Composted (Compost Records) - Jan 2006 - Heart Ov Glass Justus Köhncke Mix

*Numanoid Mix CD (Madskippers Japan) - Dec 2005 - Crushproof

*DJ Baby Anne & Jen Lasher Assault and Battery (System Recordings USA) - Oct 2005 - I Like It Now

*Electro Mad Skippers Vol.1 (Madskippers Japan) - May 2005 - Heart Ov Glass Original Mix

*Phil K Presents Y4K (Distinctive Breaks UK) - March 2005 - I Like It Loud BuckFunk 3000 Mix

*Sound of Garden For Us (Philter Japan) - Feb 2005 - Heart Ov Glass Original Mix

*Dave Clarke Live CD+DVD (Skint/Sony Records) - Nov 2004 - CD/What Was Her Name? Product.01 Mix + DVD/What Was Her Name? Product.01 Mix as soundtrack for Creamfields Travelog.


*Larry Tee feat. Princess Superstar (iO Music, 2008) - Licky P.01 Mix

*TV HeartAttack (Erase Records, 2007) - 13

*Minticco (Superstonic Records, 2007) - Drivin

*Ursula 1000 (ESL Music, 2007) - Electrik Boogie

*Lexi (Superstonic Records, 2006) - C'mon Up

*Backini feat. Droop Capone (Lumenessence Recordings, 2006) - Radio

*Larry Tee feat. Princess Superstar (Holon Records, 2006) - Licky P.01 Featured Mix

*Jean Paul Bondy (Compost Records, 2005) - Cold Reformer

*Caucasian Boy (Skint/Sony Records, 2005) - Northern Nights

*Husky Rescue (Catskills, 2005) - City Lights P.01 City Crunch Remix

*Lexi (Superstonic Records, 2005) - Liquid Love P.01 Digital Spank + Digital Fluid Remixes

*Lexi (Superstonic Records, 2004) - Dial Me

*BuckFunk 3000 (Bow Wow, 2004) - Too Much Booty

*Dave Clarke / Chicks on Speed (Skint/Sony Records, 2004) - What Was Her Name? P.01 Lunatic Android Remix

*International Pony (Skint/Sony Records, 2004) - Leaving Home

*Freeland (Marine Parade, 2004) - We Want Your Soul


*Alter Ego Featuring Rochelle/Product.01 (Klang Elektronik) - 2008 - Gary / Boys Club

*Ursula 1000 Vs Rochelle/Product.01 - 2008 - iCome

*Dino Psaras Vs Product.01 - 2008 - Boys Club

*Kromeangels Vs Product.01 - 2008 - Overdone

*Dino Psaras Vs Product.01 - 2008 - Face It

*Mogi Vs Rochelle (BluFin Records) - 2008 - Rollsnoize

*Mogi Vs Rochelle (BluFin Records) - 2007 - Nation In A Funk

*Presslaboys Vs Product.01/Rochelle - 2007 - Fix Me

*Presslaboys Vs Rochelle - 2007 - Cold

*Jean Paul Bondy Vs Rochelle - LP - The Path Of Most Resistors (Compost Records) - September 2006 - Monochrome

*Laz aka Superstonic Vs Product.01/Rochelle - 2006 - Access


* [ Product.01 Official Website]
* [ Product.01 Official My Space

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