Voiced palatal plosive

Voiced palatal plosive

The voiced palatal plosive is a type of consonantal sound, used in some spoken languages. The symbol in the International Phonetic Alphabet that represents this sound is IPA|ɟ, and the equivalent X-SAMPA symbol is J. The IPA symbol can be considered either a lowercase dotless "j" with a stroke or a turned lowercase letter "f".

There are few languages with true palatal plosives. More commonly, the symbol IPA|< [ɟ] > is used to represent a palatalized or fronted voiced velar plosive, a voiced alveolopalatal affricate, or a voiced postalveolar affricate (for example in the Indic languages). This may be considered appropriate when the place of articulation needs to be specified, but the distinction between stop and affricate is not contrastive, and therefore of secondary importance.


Features of the voiced palatal plosive:

* Its manner of articulation is plosive or stop, which means it is produced by obstructing airflow in the vocal tract. However, there is a tendency for this sound to become a voiced postalveolar affricate.
* Its place of articulation is palatal which means it is articulated with the middle or back part of the tongue raised against the hard palate.
* Its phonation type is voiced, which means the vocal cords are vibrating during the articulation.
* It is an oral consonant, which means air is allowed to escape through the mouth.
* It is a central consonant, which means it is produced by allowing the airstream to flow over the middle of the tongue, rather than the sides.
* The airstream mechanism is pulmonic egressive, which means it is articulated by pushing air out of the lungs and through the vocal tract, rather than from the glottis or the mouth.


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