Forty Years On

Forty Years On

Forty Years On may refer to the following:
* Forty Years On (song) the 1872 song
* Forty Years On (play) the 1968 play

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  • Forty Years On (song) — Forty Years On is a song written by Edward Ernest Bowen and John Farmer in 1872.Forty Years On is a song about life at school and is meant to give pupils now an idea of what it will be like in forty years when they return to their old school, and …   Wikipedia

  • Forty Years On (play) — Forty Years On is a 1968 play by Alan Bennett. It was his first West End of London play. ubjectThe play is set in a British public school called Albion House which is putting on an end of term play in front of the parents i.e. the audience. The… …   Wikipedia

  • Forty Years Among the Indians — was published by the Juvenile Instructor Press in 1890 and written by Daniel Webster Jones. It is described on its Title Page as A True yet Thrilling Narrative of the Author s Experiences among the Natives. In it, Jones writes his autobiography,… …   Wikipedia

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  • Forty Creek — Barrel Select is a blended Canadian whisky, 40% alcohol (ethanol) by volume, 80 proof. It is made with rye, barley and Indian corn (maize). Each grain is fermented, distilled, and aged separately to produce a méritage of single grain whiskies.… …   Wikipedia

  • forty — O.E. feowertig, from feower four (see FOUR (Cf. four)) + tig group of ten (see TY (Cf. ty) (1)). Cf. O.S. fiwartig, O.Fris. fiuwertich, Du. veertig, O.H.G. fiorzug, Ger. vierzig, O.N …   Etymology dictionary

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