Maisin tribe

Maisin tribe

The Maisin tribe is a primitive tribe inhabiting the rainforests of Papua New Guinea. They (like many other rainforest cultures) live off of the forest and often use the slash and burn farming technique to benefit them without damaging the rainforest.

Recent problems and actions

The Maisin tribe has recently been under threat from cutting down of the local rainforest, especially from a palm oil project. They have been strongly supported by environmental societies such as Greenpeace and WWF for nature and opposed by logging companies such as Pia-Damansara. Recent areas of dispute have involved the deforestation projects in Collingwood bay and conflicts over the Sissano lagoon. Both involve cutting down vast areas of land to grow palm oil.

The Maisin are now developing cottage industries along with the help of environmental groups to preserve the rainforest and their tribal lifestyle.

Another danger to the Maisin is the increase in tourism to Papua New Guinea. As a result, their homes and the rainforest in general which they are dependent on is under threat. In an attempt to allow tourists to visit the country and cause minimal damage to their way of life, ecotourism has been encouraged.

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