Indirana beddomii

Indirana beddomii

name = Beddome's leaping frog

image_width =
image_caption =
regnum = Animalia
phylum = Chordata
subphylum = Vertebrata
classis = Amphibia
ordo = Anura
familia = Petropedetidae
genus = "Indirana"
species = "I. beddomii"
binomial = "Indirana beddomii"
binomial_authority = Günther, 1876

Beddome's Leaping Frog ("Indirana beddomii") is a species of frog found in the Western Ghats. They are usually detected by the long leaps as the flush from the ground when disturbed. The species is named after the naturalist Richard Henry Beddome.


Vomerine teeth in two oblique groups just behind the level of the choanae. A free, pointed papilla on the middle of the tongue. Head moderate; snout obtuse, with obtuse canthus rostralis and concave loreal region; nostril a little nearer to the end of the snout tban to the eye; inter orbital space as broad as the upper eyelid, or a little narrower; tympanum distinct, two thirds the diameter of the eye. Fingers moderate, first extending slightly beyond second; toes two-thirds webbed, the web reaching the disks of the third and fifth toes; tips of fingers and toes dilated into well-developed disks ; subarticular tubercles well developed ; a single, small, oval inner metatarsal tubercle; no tarsal fold. The tibio-tarsal articulation reaches the tip of the snout or a little beyond. Skin of back with short lougitudinal glandular folds; a strong fold from the eye to the shoulder. Brown above, with rather indistinct darker spots; rarely uniform pinkish; sometimes a light vertebral band; a dark cross band between the eyes; a black baud along the canthus rostralis and a black temporal spot; limbs more or less distinctly cross-barred; lower parts uniform whitish. Male without vocal sacs. [Boulenger, G. A. (1890) Fauna of British India. Reptilia and Batrachia]

From snout to vent 2.5 inches.


This species is found throughout the Western Ghats.


This frog is generally found on the ground in moist deciduous and evergreen forests.


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