ACMS may refer to:
* The American Center for Mongolian Studies
* Application Control Management System, a transaction processing management software for computers running the OpenVMS operating system.
* An Automatic channel memory system is a system in which a video system such as VCR could search and memorize broadcasting system automatically
* An Aircraft Condition Monitoring System is a method of determining aircraft health through reporting on aircraft systems such as powerplants and structures.
* The Association of Christians in the Mathematical Sciences
* Arbor Creek Middle School in Carrollton, Texas
* Atlanta Charter Middle School in Atlanta, Georgia
* Anne Chesnutt Middle School in Fayetteville, North Carollina
*ACMS may also refer to Accessible Content Management System (ACMS) for website management, as developed by
* Allianze College of Medical Sciences is located in Kepala Batas, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia. It specialises in medicine and Allied Health Sciences education

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