Protectorate of Menoth

Protectorate of Menoth

The Protectorate of Menoth is a fictional kingdom in the Iron Kingdoms fantasy role-playing universe, and also its sister wargame, Warmachine (both created by Privateer Press). The Protectorate is a fanatical theocracy. It is currently involved in a vicious war with its neighbours: Cygnar, Cryx, and Khador.


The Protectorate of Menoth, formerly part of the Kingdom of Cygnar, is a fanatical theocracy. Currently led by the charismatic Priest-King Hierarch Garrick Voyle, the Protectorate recently began a great crusade to convert all the human nations of Western Immoren to the worship of Menoth above all other gods, and destroy all heretics who do not share their devotion or lack the necessary respect for Menoth as creator of mankind.

Protected and infused with the holy energy of the ancient god Menoth, the forces of the Protectorate are every bit as capable as those driven by arcane energy. Protectorate troops are sometimes individually weaker, but their abilities combine to great effect, and they are often designed for hard-hitting suicidal attacks. Menites also have a penchant for setting their heretical enemies on fire. Prominent Menite warcasters include Grand Exemplar Mikael Kreoss and the Harbinger of Menoth. The most powerful Menite, the Avatar of Menoth, is guided directly by Menoth's divine power.

=History=The Protectorate is the youngest of the Iron Kingdoms, having been created at the end of a religious civil war in Cygnar between 482 and 484 AR. Led by the Scrutator Sulon, who urged the "faithful" to gather in Caspia and reclaim their nation from the "heretical Morrowans", the Menites fought with the strength and fury of those possessed. Fortunately, Sulon was slain, and the Menites were forced to surrender. Sulons successor, High Scrutator Ozeall, was forced to sign a peace treaty, which granted the Menites control of the eastern half of Caspia (which they quickly renamed Sul, in memory of their fallen leader), and all the lands to the east and south of Caspia.

Cygnar, however, was lax in making sure that the Protectorate followed the terms of the peace treaty, and the Sul-Menites (as the people of the Protectorate call themselves) began to replenish their forces, in preparation for another war. They also began to construct their own warjacks, disguising them as laborjacks to keep the Cygnarans from confiscating them. Eventually, in the time of Hierarch Garrick Voyle, the Menites began their holy crusade; to reclaim all the human lands for Menoth, the Creator of Man.

Although it was until very recently considered a province of Cygnar (at least according to the terms of surrender laid down by the end of the civil war), the Protectorate has since broken away from its former rulers and formed an autonomous state.

Recent history

Recently, the Protectorate city Sul has come under attack and is currently besieged by Cygnaran troops, led by Lord Commander Coleman Stryker and Major Markus Brisbane. This had forced the Protectorate to redirect a lot of their forces to the defense of Sul, although Grand Scrutator Severius is currently leading a crusade in Southern Llael, against Khador.

Historic Figures

Hierarch Sulon, First Hierarch of the Sul-Menites and the Scrutator who united the Cygnarian menites in a crusade against the Morrowan church. Slain in battle in 484 a.r. City of Sul named in his honor.

High Scrutator Ozeall, Founder of the Protectorate of Menoth after the death of Sulon.

Hierarch Garrick Voyle, Current ruler of the Protectorate of Menoth and founder of the Order of the Fist.

=Military=Unlike most other nations in western Immoren, the Protectorate does not have any standing armies. Instead, their armed forces are divided into several different martial orders, like the Temple Flameguard and the Order of the Fist. When the Protectorate goes to war, detachments from the different orders, referred to as Interdictions, are sent to join up and form what is known as a Crusade. Each Crusade is formed with a particular goal in mind, such as the defense of an important religious site or the conquest and conversion of an enemy village or city.

The Temple Flameguard

The Temple Flameguard is tasked with protecting sites of religious importance within the Protectorate, as well as policing the populace. The Flameguard is currently led by Feora, the "Protector of the Flame".

The order was created by Hierarch Sulon during the civil war with for the purpose of protecting the Menite temples from the Morrowans, and any other evildoer that attacked them. It was Feora, however, who transformed them into an effective fighting force, hardened by open warfare against Cygnar, Khador and Skorne. The members of the order are divided into:

Daughters of the Flame, an all female assassination unit, numbering about 1500 strong, created by Feora herself with Hierarch Voyles permission. Organized into groups of six, known as a hand, they perform precision strikes, designed to rip the heart out of the enemy commandstructure. Although they make use of a pair of swords, there are rumors that they receive training from the Order of the Fist.

Temple Flameguard, originating from a citizen militia originally used as guardians, they are the main component of the Menite army. Under Feora's leadership they are the largest trained force, numbering 64.000 strong. Armed with a flamespear, shield and Menoth's Zeal they can stand against the impact of the fiercest enemies and break them afterwards with fire and discipline.

Flameguard Cleansers, originally the domestic disciplinary arm of the Temple, numbering around 9000 men and women. With their flamethrowers they sanctify the lands of Menoth threatened by heresy. Called to the front these troops clear the field of enemy infantry and restore Menoth's rule across Immoren.

Knights Exemplar

Currently led by Grand Exemplar Kreoss, following the death of Grand Exemplar Baine Hurst at the hands of Goreshade the Bastard, the Knights Exemplar originated during the civil war. These men, trained like warriors and scholared like priests, are both fearless and merciless. As expert swordsmen reinforced with blessed armour and holy weaponry, they are an elite brotherhood. Made for war, they are deadly enemies till the very end. They have a very strict internal hierarchy.

Numbering almost 20.000 men, these heavy assault troops take to the field divided into:

Knights Exemplar, These bands of six warriors, armed with priceless Relic Blades and sanctified armor are the sword of Menoth, and they remain a grave threat till the last man has fallen. Due to the value of their blessed equipment, these men are mainly called out in the defence of home ground.

Due to the need for efficient offensive and flexible troops for the Crusades the Knights Errant have taken the field. Although they don't possess Relic Blades like their fellow knights, they are still dangerous swordsmen and can resort to blessed crossbows especially effective against magically protected troops. They eagerly make the greatest sacrifices in the name of Menoth.

The Knights Venger are unparalleled holy knights, as awe inspiring as an angel, and as subtle as a Khadoran Berserker 'jack. Charging across the battlefield atop their powerful Idrian stallions, enforced by the suffering of their fellow Menites, the Vengers bring swift judgement to the heretics.

An Exemplar Seneschal is a particularly skilled Exemplar, tasked with leading his brothers into battle. Armed with a pair of Relic Blades, they can topple the greatest of enemies and the strength they draw out of the sacrifices of their fellow menites makes them astonishingly hard to kill.

Reclaimant Order

Led by the Testament of Menoth, the Reclaimers are a priestly sect empowered by the transfer of soul energy upon the death of a pious Menite. They are able to fuel a 'jack with divine energies or launch a horrifying assault of soulfuelled fire against their enemies.

The Order of the Wall

Led by Grand Paladin Trenton Bouridor, the Order of the Wall is an ancient and legendary brotherhood of paladins and good-aligned warriors. The order has protected the towns and cities of man since the dawn of civilization. These holy warriors exist in both the Protectorate and in Khador, although they are greatly diminished and on the verge of extinction in the former. The members of the Order of the Wall have always been capable of great mercy and compassion, especially when compared to the ruling Scrutators of the Protectorate. This fact causes the clergy to consider the paladins weak-willed and soft, especially when they refuse to carry out a command they consider to be immoral. Due to this mistrust, the Protectorate paladins must constantly walk a narrow path, either following the orders of their superiors as required of their god, or following their own sense of right and wrong. Thus, the Order of the Wall is despised by the ruling clergy, but loved by the people.

Due to their limited numbers in the Protectorate, only 500 paladins, members of the Order of the Wall generally take to the battlefield alone. But when armed with his tower shield and holy firebrand sword, a single paladin is more than enough to turn the tide of battle in the favour of the armies of the Creator of man.

The Order of the Fist

The newest martial order to join the temple arsenal, the Order of the Fist was instituted by Garrick Voyle prior to his ascension to Hierarch. Trained rigorously in the martial arts, particularly unarmed combat, the monks of the fist were first created to act as a temple police force. The order is currently led by the Holy High Allegiant Haveron Grayden.

Notable Military Figures

The Harbinger of Menoth is a true prophet of the Temple of Menoth with the powers of a warcaster, and the leader of the Protectorate armies in the great crusade to reclaim western Immoren. Her divinity is so great she is perpetually floating, for her sacred form cannot touch the unclean earth.

Grand Exemplar Mikael Kreoss is the leader of the Knights Exemplar, and all Menites are brothers in battle to him. He is determined to avenge the fallen and the lost, taking on the burden of every death to stoke the warrior’s furnace within him, his rage and fury have become the spear and shield of Menoth’s vengeance.

Hierarch Severius' voice has always resonated with sacred power, and he demonstrates a strength and surety that belies his age. Those who attend him can see and hear the power of unchecked divinity conveyed through his words and deeds. He has vowed to make it his life's work to unite the Menites of western Immoren, to spread the True Faith to all of humanity, and to usher in a new age by hammering the cathedrals of Morrow to rubble and erecting new temples to the Lawgiver.

Feora, the Protector of the Flame, once a woman of naked ambition, has been humbled and exalted by her travails in the besieged city of Sul. She has rallied her followers in the defense of the sacred sites, and leads them to feats of bravery and sacrifice as they fight to forestall Cygnar's invasion. Filled with righteous power, she marks a line in the streets of Sul with a wall of all-consuming fire, and she has reconciled with old rivals to hold this city for Menoth.

Few have traveled to Urcaen and back to recant the tale; the High Reclaimer was one such man, however the High Reclaimer is no more. Proclaimed the Testament of Menoth upon his return to Caen he prepares for the crusade to enlighten those whom have yet to accept Menoth as their one true God.

Emerging from behind temple walls to answer Menoth's call to war, High Allegiant Amon Ad-Raza takes his place at the forefront of the crusade. His amazing guidance of troops and warjacks is only equaled by his feats of martial prowess and instruction he performs as a member of Menoth's Order of the Fist.

The High Executioner Servath Reznik stalks the lands beyond the Protectorate of Menoth to carry out sentences of death on those guilty of sacrilege, sorcery, or religious treason against the Creator of Man. The borders of mortal nations mean nothing to Reznik, his warjacks, and his devoted followers. He embodies ancient ways of his faith when priest-kings reigned without question and all citizens knew that impiety resulted in suffering or death.

Even those who do not favor the Order of the Wall speak with respect about High Paladin Dartan Vilmon. Chosen by name by the Harbinger to be her personal protector, Dartan has performed deeds of extraordinary courage and valor. He fought along side the former Grand exemplar Blaine Hurst to keep the Harbinger safe from an attack against the Cryxian Warcaster Goreshade. He later fought on the temple of Garrodh, holding the line alongside other Protectorate knights to ensure the Harbinger's role in a prophecy could be fulfilled. After the battle, Vilmon traveled in the company of the Avatar of menoth, High Allegiant Amon Ad-Raza, and the Testament of menoth to bring the Harbinger's body and Soul back to Sul. Since the Harbinger's resurrection, Vilmon has been given command of half of the Order of the Wall to fight the invading Cygnarians and reclaim Sul's Walls. His deeds have made him a hero to all menites, a living legend in times of despair. Most of all, his actions have reminded the ruling priests of the inspiration these living icons bring to the people. It is only a matter of time until this ancient knighthood of paladins undergoes a rebirth and its numbers swell.

WARMACHINE Gameplay and Strategy

Menoth forces fall somewhere between Cygnar and Khador in terms of strength and durability. Menoth warjacks are almost but not quite as powerful or durable as Khadoran warjacks, but are just as slow. At the same time, Menoth 'jacks lack the ranged capabilities of Cygnar's forces.

On the surface, it would appear as if Menoth is in a poor position compared to other factions. However, Menoth forces operate on the principle of synergy--in practice, they function better together than might be expected. Units such as the Choir of Menoth can make warjacks practically invulnerable to ranged attacks, allowing them to close on their foes with little worries of reprisals. Likewise, the Knights Exemplar, using their Bond of Brotherhood ability, actually benefit when one of their unit dies.

The Protectorate of Menoth can, under the right circumstances, deal and absorb astounding amounts of damage and survive in seemingly unsurvivable situations.

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