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BOOM! Studios is an independent comic book company. It was founded in June 2005 with "Zombie Tales" #1. The company was named "Wizard" Magazine's Best New Publisher of 2005, only four months after their first book was published. [ [ Boom! Studios awarded Best New Publisher by Wizard Magazine] , Boom! Studios press release, January 17, 2006]

Company history

BOOM! Studios was founded in 2005 by Ross Richie and Andrew Cosby. The company publishes a wide variety of material, from the humor of "Hero Squared", "Planetary Brigade" and "What Were They Thinking" to horror with "Cthulhu Tales" and "Fall of Cthulhu", to crime with "2 Guns" and sci-fi with "Salvador."

Prior to BOOM!, Richie and Cosby worked at Malibu Comics from 1993 to 1995. The duo left the comic book business to pursue careers in feature films and were involved producing the feature film adaptation of "Mage" by legendary comic book creator Matt Wagner with Spyglass Entertainment, [ [ Unusual Suspects at ] ] and had various projects with Mike Medavoy (Phoenix Pictures), [ [ March 2003 Script Sales ] ] Mark Canton (The Canton Company), Akiva Goldsman, and Casey Silver. [ [ Mage Site News ] ] Working with Dark Horse Comics, the duo set up "Damn Nation" at MTV Films/Paramount Pictures, [ [ Movies - News - MTV sinks teeth into 'Damn Nation' - Digital Spy ] ] a comic book Cosby created. Cosby adapted his own comic book and the partnership are attached to produce.

Immediately prior to BOOM!, Richie re-launched Atomeka Press in 2004.

Andrew Cosby is the creator of the Sci-Fi Channel TV show "Eureka".

At the 2007 San Diego Comic Con BOOM! have announced they will be launching a new imprint, called ZOOM!, producing comics for children. [ [ SDCC '07: The Boom Panel] , Newsarama, July 28, 2007] They also announced the appointment of Mark Waid as Editor-in-Chief. [ [ Mark Waid Named EiC of Boom! Studios] , Comic Book Resources, July 27, 2007] [ [ Richie & Cosby on The Future of Boom!] , Comic Book Resources, September 13, 2007]

Paramount Pictures and BOOM! Studios have announced that they are teaming to create a "The Godfather" comic book, based of course on the classic film series of the same name.


Boom! is notable for its emphasis on working with experienced writers.

Comic book writers:
* Dan Abnett
* Ian Edginton
* Keith Giffen
* Alan Grant
* J. M. DeMatteis
* Mike Mignola
* Steve Niles
* Mark Waid
* Joe Casey
* Michael Alan Nelson

Hollywood screenwriters:
* Andrew Cosby [ [ Andrew Cosby ] ]
* Dave DiGillio [ [ David DiGilio ] ]
* Michael and Mark Polish [ [ Polish Brothers Construction [us ] ]
* John Rogers
* Johanna Stokes [ [ Johanna Stokes ] ]
* James L. White [ [ James L. White ] ]
* Chris Morgan [imdb name|id=0604555|name=Chris Morgan] [ CCI, Day 2: Chris Morgan – A "Wanted" Screenwriter] , Comic Book Resources, July 26, 2007]


Original titles and spin-offs

*"2 Guns" - Undercover cops end up on the same case, unbeknownst to each other
*"Challenger Deep" (concept by Andrew Cosby, written by Andy Schmidt with art by Chee, 4-issue mini-series) [ [ Andy Schmidt on Boom's Challenger Deep] , [Newsarama [, August 20, 2008]
*"Cover Girl" (co-written by Andrew Cosby) - A Hollywood action star finds himself at the mercy of a female bodyguard
*"Cthulhu Tales" (written by Steve Niles, with art by Chee) - An ongoing series springing from the one-shot. [ [ We Are But Ants: Mark Waid & Steve Niles Talk Lovecraft] , Comics Bulletin, February 1, 2008]
*"Enigma Cipher" - DaVinci Code-style mystery
*"Fall of Cthulhu" - (written by Michael Alan Nelson, with art by Jean-Jacques Dzialowski (volume 1), Greg Scott (volume 2) and Mat Santolouco (volume 3)) - Nyarlathotep plots Cthulhu's downfall in this ongoing
* "The Dominion" - aliens have invaded Earth by way of viruses that mutate people
*"Fear the Dead" - Zombie Survival Handbook
* "Foundation" -
*"Galveston" (written by Tom Peyer and Mark Rahner, with art by Greg Scott, 6-issue mini-series, October 2008) [ [ Peyer, Rahner, the Pirate, and the Pioneer: Galveston] , Newsarama, July 10, 1008] [ [ Pirates + Cowboys = "Galveston"] , Comic Book Resources, July 14, 2008]
*"Giant Monster" (written by Steve Niles) - An astronaut arrives back on earth, turned into a giant monster. Three prestige format comic books. [ [ “Giant Monster” Daily from CBR & Boom!] , Comic Book Resources, March 30, 2008]
*"Hero Squared" (by Keith Giffen and J. M. DeMatteis) - A real superhero from one dimension ends up in another.. where he didn't get superpowers and is a slacker
**"Planetary Brigade" (written by J. M. DeMatteis and Keith Giffen) - Captain Valor, from Hero Squared, and his team's adventures before he left his dimension
*"High Rollers" (written by Gary Phillips, with art by Manuel Magalhaes) [ [ Greg Rucka Talking to Gary Phillips about High Rollers] , Newsarama, April 28, 2008] [ [ Review of "High Rollers" #1] , Comics Bulletin, July 3, 2008]
* "Hunter's Moon" - from James L. White, the screenwriter of the film "Ray", an African American man goes on a hunting vacation with his son, who is kidnapped in a white-only town. [ [ Under a Hunter's Moon with Writer James L. White] , Comics Bulletin, September 18, 2007]
* "Jeremiah Harm" (written by Alan Grant and Keith Giffen) - A criminal is released to track down more criminals
*"Last Reign: Kings of War" (written by Michael Alan Nelson) [ [ Boom Announces Last Reign: Kings of War] (press release), Newsarama, July 18, 2008]
* "Left on Mission" - (written by Chip Mosher [ [ Chip Mosher: A Left on Mission Field Report] , Comics Bulletin, May 17, 2007] , with art by Francesco Francavilla and colors by Martin Thomas [ [ Martin Thomas: On His Return to Comics with BOOM!] , Comics Bulletin, November 28, 2007] ) - An FBI Agent must stop the sale of a critical hard drive
* "Mr. Stuffins" - Stuffed bear gains Artificial Intelligence
* "Necronomicon" (written by William Messner-Loebs, with art by Andrew Ritchie, 4-issue mini-series) [ [ William Messner-Loebs Opens the "Necronomicon"] , Comic Book Resources, June 2, 2008] [ [ Waid & Loebs Talk About The Necronomicon] , Newsarama, June 4, 2008] [ [ Portrait of Cthulhu as an Old God: Woodward & Ritchie on "Necronomicon"] , Comic Book Resources, June 17, 2008]
* "North Wind" - Post Apocalyptic, Antarctic Adventure
* "Potter's Field" (written by Mark Waid) - A man wants to find the identity of an unidentified grave. This series was supposed to be published near the start of Boom!'s launch, with the title "John Do".
* "The Remnant" (created by Stephen Baldwin and Andrew Cosby, written by Caleb Monroe, with art by Julian Totino Tedesco) [ [ Stephen Baldwin & Andrew Cosby Create "The Remnant" for BOOM!] (press release), Comic Book Resources, July 16, 2008]
* "Salem" (written by Chris Morgan and Kevin Walsh) [ Meet The Wickedest Witch Of All In "Salem"] , Comic Book Resources, July 18, 2006] [ WANTED and FAST AND FURIOUS Screenwriter Drifts into BOOM! Studios with SALEM] , Comics Bulletin, September 11, 2007] [ The Wicked Witch Returns in BOOM!'s "Salem"] , Comic Book Resources, October 12, 2007]
* "Salvador" - a genetically engineered being, who can fly but is made out of glass, becomes his peoples' savior.
*"Savage Brothers" (written by Andrew Cosby and Johanna Stokes) - Post-apocalyptic zombie tale. [ [! Offers up "Savage Brothers" #1 online free] , press release, Comic Book Resources, October 16, 2007] [ [ Crafting "Pirate" & Sci-Fi Stories with Johanna Stokes] , Comic Book Resources, September 4, 2006] [ [ The Z Word] , October 3, 2007]
*"Scream Queen" (written by Brendan Hay) [ [ Brendan Hay talks "Scream Queen" at BOOM!] , Comic Book Resources, February 25, 2008]
*"Station" (written by Johanna Stokes, with pencils by Leno Carvalho and inks by Ed Dukeshire) [ [ Review of "Station" #1] , Comics Bulletin]
*"Tag" (written by Keith Giffen) - A man falls victim to a plague that is eating his body. Optioned as a film.
**"Tag: Cursed" - Tag's sequel
*"Talent" (written by Christopher Golden and Thomas E. Sniegoski) - A plane crashes, with one survivor... who inherits the talents of the others. Optioned as a film.
*"Second Wave" - Invading Martians return to Earth. Sequel to War of the Worlds.
*"What Were They Thinking" - Comic books under public domain are parodied
*"X Isle" (written by Andrew Cosby and Michael Alan Nelson) - Researchers land on a mysterious island full of beasts

Graphic Novels/One-Shots/Tales

*"10" (written by Keith Giffen) - Ten people are each given a gun and 10 bullets... and forced to hunt each other down
*"Black Plague" (written by Joe Casey) - The mob goes to war with a supervillain empire, while another criminal wages war on both
*"Cthulhu Tales" - One-shots containing short Lovecraftian horror stories. Three exist: "Cthulhu Tales" [comicbookdb|type=issue|id=45663|title="Cthulhu Tales"] , "Cthulhu Tales: Tainted" [comicbookdb|type=issue|id=105262|title="Cthulhu Tales: Tainted"] and "Cthulhu Tales: The Rising" [comicbookdb|type=issue|id=84639|title="Cthulhu Tales: The Rising"] ; which have been collected in a single volume (ISBN 193450615X).
*"Fused Tales" (written by Steve Niles) - A man becomes fused in a robotic suit
*"GI Spy" (by Andrew Cosby) - World War II based spy comic
*"In The Blood" (created by Steve Niles) - Werewolf horror
*"Ninja Tales" - Ninja short stories
*"Pirate Tales" - Pirate stories
*"Zombie Tales" - Short story anthology featuring zombies. Two Exist, plus the Two part Death Valley.

Carry Over Series

* "Hero" (By Yoshitaka Amano) - an English translation of his story, moved over from Speakeasy Comics
*"Whisper" -Continuing First Comics's assassin's adventure, this one-shot features a new Whisper.
*"Stardust Kid" (written by J.M. DeMatteis with art by Mike Ploog) - formerly published by Image Comics in its first three issues, BOOM! published issues 4 and 5, finishing the series.


*"Jenny Finn" - BOOM! reprinted the first two issues of this series (originally released by Oni Press) in "Jenny Finn: Doom", then completed the rest of Mike Mignola's story in the 56 page "Jenny Finn: Messiah". [ [ Read Pages 1-29 of Mike Mignola's "Jenny Finn: Doom Messiah"] , Comic Book Resources, March 28, 2008]
*"Trencher" (by Keith Giffen) - Image comic series, published as a trade paperback

Licensed titles

Boom! also produce comics based on licensed properties which include:

*"Farscape" [ [ CCI: Rockne O'Bannon on BOOM!'s "Farscape" Comics] , Comic Book Resources, July 25, 2008]


In 2006 Boom! Studios got the license from Games Workshop to produce a line of comic books and graphic novels based on international hit tabletop miniatures games Warhammer Fantasy and Warhammer 40,000. [ Games Workshop announcement about Damnation Crusade] ] [ Boom! Studios press release] ] These comics are particularly notable for featuring the work of fan favorite Warhammer novelist and comic writer Dan Abnett.

Series so far include:

*Warhammer 40,000 (by writers Dan Abnett and Ian Edginton):
** "Damnation Crusade" (with art by Lui Antonio)
** "Blood and Thunder" (with art by Daniel Lapham) [ "Blood and Thunder" profile at at Boom! Studios] ] [ [ Exclusive Preview: "Warhammer 40K: Blood and Thunder"] , Comic Book Resources, October 24, 2007]
* Warhammer Fantasy:
** "Forge of War" (by writers Dan Abnett and Ian Edginton, with art by Rahsan Ekedal)
** "Condemned by Fire" (by writers Dan Abnett and Ian Edginton, with art by Rahsan Ekedal) [ [ Talking Warhammer with Ian Edginton] , Newsarama, May 20, 2008] [ [ Preview: "Condemned by Fire" #2] , Comic Book Resources, June 16, 2008]
** "Crown of Destruction" (by writer Kieron Gillen, with art by Dwayne Harris)
*"Convention Special"
* Blood Bowl:
** "Killer Contract" (by Matt Forbeck, with art by Lads Helloven) [ [ Preview: "Blood Bowl: Killer Contract" #1] , Comic Book Resources, June 16, 2008]

Film adaptations

* "Tag" will be produced as a film by Universal Studios. [ [ Universal Pictures to Adapt Tag] , Superhero Hype]
* "Talent" will be produced as a film by Universal Studios. [ [ Uni bids big Boom for 'Talent' comic] , "The Hollywood Reporter", June 9, 2006]
* "The Foundation" will be produced as a film by Paramount Pictures. [ [ Paramount Pictures Builds The Foundation] ,]
* "Ten" is being developed by Dimension Films to star Ice Cube [ [ Ice Cube wants to do a comic book movie... which one?] , Ain't It Cool News]
* "North Wind" was acquired for feature film by Davis Entertainment. [ [ Davis acquires 'North Wind' rights] , "Hollywood Reporter"]
* Mekhi Phifer to star and produce "Hunter's Moon". [ [ Mekhi Phifer in 'Moon'] , "Hollywood Reporter"]
* "2 Guns" has been optioned by Universal, with Marc E. Platt named as producer. [ [ Universal picks up rights to '2 Guns'] , "Hollywood Reporter", August 1, 2008]



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