Tirrenia di Navigazione

Tirrenia di Navigazione

Tirrenia di Navigazione is a shipping company owned by the Italian Government, which operates a fleet of 22 vessels on internal Italian routes and to Croatia and Albania.


Tirrenia was founded in 1936, resulting from the nationalization of many private-owned Italian lines. After World War II, the few ships surviving the conflict were used to connect Italian islands, mainly Sardinia, to the mainland. In the 1970s ships were gradually replaced by ferries, and since the end of 1980s the company has been upgrading its older units with faster ones capable of reaching 30 knots.

The company today

Now Tirrenia is a modern state-owned company, having partly abandoned the oppressive bureaucracy and the personnel surplus typical of a public administration. The company connects the Italian mainland to Sardinia, Sicily, Tremiti Islands, Croatia and Albania. A distinguishing feature of the company is that the large majority of personnel comes from Naples.

Tirrenia Group

Tirrenia Group includes the following companies:
*Caremar (Campania Regionale Marittima). Connects Naples with the islands of Ischia, Capri, Procida, and Formia with Ponza and Ventotene.
*Saremar (Sardegna Regionale Marittima). Connects Sardinia with Corsica and the smaller islands of La Maddalena and San Peter.
*Siremar (Sicilia Regionale Marittima). Connects Sicily with the Aeolian Islands, Lampedusa, Pantelleria and Aegadian Islands.
*Toremar (Toscana Regionale Marittima). Connects the mainland with the Tuscan archipelago.


Historical fleet

*(1993-2001) "Guizzo", "Scatto".
*""Boccaccio", "Carducci", "Manzoni", "Pascoli", "Petrarca", "Deledda", "Leopardi", "Verga".
*"Arborea", "Caralis", "Torres".'
*"Capo Carbonara", "Capo Sandalo", "Capo Spartivento."
*"Malta Express"
*"Calabria", "Sardegna", "Sicilia".
*"Staffetta Adriatica", "Staffetta Ionica", "Staffetta Tirrenica".
*"Città di Nuoro", "Città di Napoli".



*GenoaPorto Torres
*FiumicinoGolfo Aranci (only in summer)
*Fiumicino↔Arbatax (only in summer)





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* [http://www.tirrenia.it/en/pagine/home.aspx Tirrenia di Navigazione S.p.a. ]

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