:"Phthia may also refer to Phthia of Epirus, the mother of Pyrrhus of Epirus.":"For the asteroid, see 189 Phthia. For the leaf-footed bug genus, see "Narnia (bug). Phthia ( _gr. Φθία or Φθίη; transliterations: Fthii (modern), Phthíē (ancient)) is an ancient region of Greece, in the area of Phthiotis Prefecture, on both sides of Othrys Mountain. It was the homeland of the Myrmidones tribe, who took part in the Trojan War under Achilles.

Founded by Aiakos, grandfather of Achilles, it was the home of his father Peleus and his sea-nymph mother Thetis.

Phthia is also an area in the 1988 Nintendo game "The Battle of Olympus," a playable level where the dragon Ladon and the god of Hephaestus make their homes.

In Crito, one of the dialogues written by Plato, while Socrates was condemned to death and awaiting his execution, he had a dream in which a woman told him that he would go to Phthia in three days. He interpreted it as a sign that his sentence would be carried out in three days. [ [ translated by Benjamin Jowett on the MIT website.] ]


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