Hopper may refer to:

Mechanical parts

* A general term for a chute with additional width and depth to provide a volume for temporary storage of material(s). The bottom of the hopper chute typically has a mechanism to control the flow of materials, thus allowing them to be metered out at the desired rate.
* Part of a combine harvester
* Part of a paintball gun


* Hopper (spacecraft), a proposed spacecraft
* Hopper balloon, a kind of ultralight hot air balloon
* Hopper barge, a kind of barge
* Hopper car, a type of railway freight car
* USS "Hopper", a U.S. Navy destroyer


* Leafhopper, a member of the family "Cicadellidae"
* Treehopper, a member of the family "Membracidae"
* The immature form of a locust

People with the surname Hopper

* Andy Hopper (1953—), British computer scientist
* Dennis Hopper (1936—), American actor
* DeWolf Hopper (1858–1935), American actor, singer, comedian and producer
* Edward Hopper (1882–1967), American painter and printmaker
* Grace Hopper (1906–1992), American computer scientist and naval officer
* Heather Hopper (1976—), American actress
* Hedda Hopper (1885–1966), American actress and gossip columnist
* Hugh Hopper (1945—) English guitarist and composer
* Isaac Hopper (1771–1852), American abolitionist and underground railroad pioneer
* Josephine Hopper (1883–1968), American artist and wife of Edward Hopper
* Kev Hopper (1961—), Musician
* Paul Hopper, American linguist of British birth
* Shirley Ximena Hopper Russell (1886–1985), American artist best known for Hawaiian themes
* Thomas Hopper (1776–1856), English architect
* Wilbert Hopper (1933–2006), Canadian business executive
* William Hopper (1915–1970), American actor

Other meanings

* Profession of one who harvests hops and lives in a Hopper hut.
* Hopper (food)
* A
* The Hoppers, a Southern Gospel group
* Hopper (Clerk), Box on House Clerk's desk [http://www.votesmart.org/resource_govt101_02.php]
* young street level drug dealer

ee also

* Hop

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