Kidd Kraddick in the Morning

Kidd Kraddick in the Morning

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"Kidd Kraddick in the Morning" is an American morning radio show hosted by Kidd Kraddick on ABC Radio Networks.=Show Format=


The Kidd Kraddick in the Morning show is an entertaining, family friendly comedy talk show. The show airs at a time when most people are getting ready for work or on their morning drive. Most people tune in for Kidd's high energy and enthusiasm which sets the pace of the show. While high in energy and entertainment, it is as a consequence shallow when it comes to subject matter. You will seldom hear heavy political talk, or rarely will the show venture too deeply into dark controversial topics. Instead, the show will usually consists of comedy bits and light hearted talk of current events, celebrity news, pop-culture, pop music and family life. As such, the show serves as a light-hearted and entertaining morning "pick me up".

Recurring Bits

Some recurring bits on the show include "Love Letters to Kellie," the "Hizzywood Hizzle", "Does That Make Me Crazy?," "Al's Weekend Rap Up, JC's "Take this job and shove it!" , Kidd's "Somebody's Hot for Wally,"Kellie's Diary, and "Flush the Format".


Kidd Kraddick

Host Kidd Kraddick has built a devoted fan base in cities nationwide with his syndicated show Kidd Kraddick in the Morning. His infectious enthusiasm drives the show’s entertaining comedy and pop-culture format. Show topics range from how he spent the day with his wife Carol and daughter Caroline, to taking on and beating Kevin Federline in a Dance Dance Revolution contest. Kraddick’s list of accolades includes Billboard Magazine "Air Personality of the Year" a coveted Marconi Award for "Radio Personality of the Year" and winner of the first annual WB Radio Music Awards as the "Best On-Air Personality in the Country." Beyond his professional achievements, Kidd has been lauded for his commitment to community causes with his annual charity, Kidd’s Kids that raises money to send terminally and chronically ill children and their families to Walt Disney World. To date, Kraddick has accompanied more than 1,500 children and their families on the trip.

Kellie Rasberry

Starting her radio career at the age of 19, Rasberry quickly assumed the duties of news director and eventually hosted her own morning radio show in her hometown of Florence, South Carolina. In addition to her on-air duties and her commitment to Kidd's Kids, Rasberry enjoys auditioning for occasional acting and voice-over work. Her biggest role to date was playing the part of Teresa in LeAnn Rimes' made-for-television movie, "Holiday in your Heart." Rasberry also had the honor of co-hosting, along with Kidd Kraddick, the webcast of the "2000 Blockbuster Entertainment Awards," and she co-hosted an episode of "Live with Regis!" during "Women of Radio" week. Kellie gave birth to her first child, Emma Kelly, via c-section, on October 19th, 2006. However, she recently finalized her divorce from her husband of 2 and a half years, Freddie Pooladsanj, due to irreconcilable differences.

Big Al Mack

Born and raised in Dallas, Texas. Al joined Kidd Kraddick in the Morning after being a client. He is known for his womanizing, though he is constantly searching for a girlfriend. Some of his more popular bits include: Tin Can Turkey Man, Cymbal Man, Air Horn Man, Little John Deere, Drunk News, and Wordy Birdy, affiliated with the "Word of the Day". He has two well-known titles on the show: he is dubbed "Random Man" for always bringing up random topics during the show. Second, he is "Part-Time Dad" as he jokingly tells about the little time he spends with a child he has but sees on weekends and holidays. A favorite bit of listeners is "Big Al's Marriage Tip of the Day" where he ironically dispenses marriage advice despite his own relationship issues. While voicing live advertisements for his limo service (First Impressions Limousine) during “The Kidd Kraddick Morning Show,” Kidd recognized that “Big Al” had a unique talent and he began including him in morning show bits. The chemistry between the group, both on and off the air, continues to grow with listeners asking for more. “Big Al” is credited with having penned the greatest two pick-up lines known to man: “What are you drinking?” and “You look nice tonight.”

Psycho Shanon

"Psycho" Shanon Murphy originally joined the show at 17 as an intern, and now acts as the show's producer. Shanon was given the nickname "Psycho" because of a series of letters and poems she wrote as an intern. Shanon is often harassed by the cast about her orientation.Constantly strip-searched for weapons and small firearms, "Psycho" Shanon really lives up to her name. Whether it's about her therapy or the fact that she bears the weight of Kidd's show on her shoulders as the producer, Shanon definitely has issues. Visit Shanon at


Jose Chavez joined the show July 10, 2006. He joined Kidd and the gang from Channel 933 in San Diego, CA, where he was known as "50 peso". He confessed to urinating in bottles as a bad habit, was caught eating off of another hotel guest's room service tray while in New York for the 2006 MTV Video Music Awards, and admitted to buying a used mattress from a hotel. JC has a girlfriend, Kinsey. Big Al sometimes torments JC by flirting with her. Recently JC has moved to Dallas and joined the crew in the studio. He is often sent out for bits like going to drive-thru restaurants and rapping his order and job interviews and seeing how long it takes to aggravate the interviewer, often getting him kicked out. A California boy trying to live the radio dream. He loves football and music. His dream job would be to be a back-up QB for an NFL team. Has anyone ever told him he is too skinny for that? He has a girlfriend named Kinsey, a pet Chihuahua named Dex, and gets hassled daily by the gang for living in the "gayborhood". He has dreams of being a singer. Unfortunately for him he can't sing. A self-proclaimed professional dodge ball player and PlayStation 2 lover, JC is out to meet as many people as he can, so drop him a line at He goes by J Si.

= Workers on the show =


Meet Aaron aka. Dino! He is the Executive Producer of Kidd Kraddick in the Morning. He's an Italian dude who grew up in Rochester, NY - the home of snow and more Italian dudes. He knew from the age of 9 that he wanted to live his life on the radio. He also knew that he wanted to move south. After college - yes, he actually studied radio in college - he moved to Dallas, TX, where he's been working for the last 11 years. He has done everything from answering phones and getting coffee to hosting his own show. When away from the studio, Aaron spends his days playing with his kids, jogging and watching his beloved Boston Red Sox. He makes his home in Frisco, TX, with his wife Bridget, who is a school teacher, and their two daughters Alexa and Ava. Hit him up on MySpace:


Meet Andrew, the show's video producer. Self proclaimed "the best cameraman in radio," no one has yet to challenge him for the title. At work his desk can be found in the infamous Geek Room but don't hold that against him, he'll proudly undertake a new quest with you in World of Warcraft. Check him out at


After winning the Kidd's Krib contest, Dianthe hung around to answer phones and add her random pop culture knowledge to the show. As the only phone screener "Psycho" Shanon hasn't run off, she's made her presence well known. She answers phones for the show from 6-10am and spends the other 20 hours of the day as a wedding and event planner! Check her out at

Former Cast Members

* Taylor Glover Taylor Glover joined the cast August 28th, 2006, after winning a two week "Reality Radio" contest "Radio Dream Job".

* Tom Gribble "aka Flake Boy"

* Scott Robb

* Rich Shertenlieb

* Maria ToddMaria Todd left the show November 17, 2006 after filling in while Kellie took maternity leave. Maria joined the crew after working with Sam Malone, and then Atom Smasher on 104 KRBE in Houston, Texas.

* Bert Weiss

* Jocelyn White

= Affiliates =
*KMRX/El Dorado, Arkansas
*KHKS/Dallas, Texas
*KXXM/San Antonio, Texas
*KFMK/Austin, Texas
*WEZB/New Orleans, Louisiana
*KZPT/Tucson, Arizona
*WAEV/Savannah, Georgia
*WFMF/Baton Rouge, Louisiana
*WNUQ/Albany, Georgia
*WHHT/Horse Cave, Kentucky
*KFBZ/Wichita, Kansas
*KKCT/Bismarck, North Dakota
*WXYK/Biloxi, Mississippi
*KTYL-FM/Tyler, Texas
*KIIK/Fairfield, Iowa
*WHTF/Tallahassee, Florida
*KMMX/Lubbock, Texas
*WWKZ/Tupelo, Mississippi
*KCRS/Odessa, Texas
*KQIZ/Amarillo, Texas
*KTDR/Del Rio, Texas
*KTSR/Lake Charles, Louisiana
*WPFM/Panama City, Florida
*KQLQ/Monroe, Louisiana
*KNIN/Wichita Falls, Texas
*WJDQ/Meridian, Mississippi
*WREZ/Paducah, Kentucky
*WTHX/Elizabethtown, Kentucky
*KACZ/Manhattan, Kansas
*WZOO-FM/Ashtabula, Ohio
*KXIX/Bend, Oregon
*KTIJ/Hobart, Oklahoma
*WDKS/Evansville, Indiana
*WKXD/Nashville, Tennessee
*WKIB/Cape Girardeau, Missouri
*KAFX/Lufkin, Texas
*WZLK/Pikeville, Kentucky
*KWNZ/Reno, Nevada
*WHAJ/Bluefield, West Virginia
*KMDX/San Angelo, Texas
*KKMX/Roseburg, Oregon
*WWXM/Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
*KKPN/Corpus Christi, Texas
*WMXZ/Fort Walton Beach, Florida
*KORQ/Abilene, Texas
*WCBH/Terre Haute, Indiana
*KBBQ/Fort Smith, Arkansas
*KIIK/Fairfield, Iowa
*WHHD/Augusta, Georgia
*WBJZ/Oshkosh, Wisconsin
*KOOC/Killeen, Texas
*WIHB/Charleston, South Carolina
*WLTO/Lexington, Kentucky
*WBEI/Tuscaloosa, Alabama
*KLQQ/Sheridan, Wyoming
*KMCK/Fayetteville, Arkansas
*WTWR/Toledo, Ohio
*KUJ/Tri-Cities, Washington
*WWKT/Florence, South Carolina
*KMJI/Texarkana, Texas
*KOGM/Opelousas, Louisiana
*KOQL/Columbia, Missouri
*KISN/Bozeman, Montana
*WJLQ/Pensacola, Florida
*WFNR/Blacksburg, Virginia
*WWSR/Lima, Ohio
*WIOL/Columbus, Georgia


Kraddick has been recognized several times during his career for excellence in broadcasting. He was awarded radio's prestigious Marconi Award as radio personality of the year. Additionally, Kraddick was also named Best Radio Personality in the Country on national television via the first-ever Radio Music Awards.

In 2007, the show was nominated for the Syndicated Personality/Show of the Year award by Radio & Records magazine. Other finalists included Delilah, Blair Garner, Steve Harvey, The Lia Show, and John Tesh. cite news | first= | last= | coauthors= | title=2007 Industry Achievement Awards | date=Sept 28, 2008 | publisher= | url = | work =Radio and Records]


=External links=
* [ Kidd Kraddick in the Morning]
* [ Kidd's Kids]

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