Kulappulli, located in the Palakkad District of Kerala, India, is adjacent to the City of Shoranur, which is home to one of the busiest railway junctions in Kerala. Kulappulli is home to one of the greatest Nair families in Kerala, a family that has spanned over five generations in the quaint Shoranur suburb.


Kulappulli is a beautiful city that is filled with plush trees and flower gardens along rolling hills. Downtown Kulappulli is home to the Geetha theater located where Bypass Road meets Ottapalam road. The Geetha theater is convenient in that it is central to the cities of Shoranur, Kulappulli, and Vaniangolam.

The Great Nairs of Kulappulli

One of the greatest Nair families in all of Kerala has called Kulappulli home for more than five generations. The great Krishnan Nair served as headmaster and teacher of the Kulappulli School that today bears his name. Nair was a land developer who made a name for himself by controlling most of the real estate in Kulappulli. Despite marrying from the nearby village of Vaniangolam, Krishnan Nair was always a loyal Kulappulian. Nair handed over the responsibilities of the land and his school to his seven children, and his eldest son used his expertise in finance and banking to put Kulappulli and Shoranur on the map. While his eldest son was a no nonsense business leader, Nair's next eldest son was known as jokester who was quite playful and jovial in demeanor. Despite being notorious for his short temper, Nair's second son was a lovable figure who always had time for a conversation over a spot of tea. Nair went on to have two daughters and three more sons. His middle son was the most charismatic of the bunch. Described as a ladies man by many, this son decided to enlist in the army and proudly defended the nation during the hayday of India soon after independence. He settled down in the Indira Nagar section Bangalore for most of his life and is commonly referred to as the "Jerry Brown of Kulappulli" since he never married. Political comparisons have often been made to this great family, and the patriarch Krishnan Nair has often been compared to Joseph Kennedy, the Patriarch of the Kennedy family. Much of Kulappulli is still controlled by Nair's descendants. Festivals and public functions often take place at the school that bears Krishnan Nair's name. Today Nair's home has been renovated by his youngest son who has poured funds into designing the historic landmark into a Japanese style bungalow.

Shoranur is also home the famous Nair family called Kavalappara. Kavalappara Mooppil (Grand Old Man) Nair was the local feudal lord with large acreage of land. They also owned large tract of land in old Madras - around Harrington Road and Spur Tank Road.

Foreign Money

A boom in Kulappulli residents working aborad has changed the makeup of the city and has helped out the economy of the city tremendously. Residents have worked in countries all over the world including the US, Japan, Singapore, Dubai, Bahrain , and England. Furthermore, a former school principal turned business man in Bahrain is known for his lavish spending and is often seen in Kulappulli as he is married to one of Krishnan Nair's granddaughters. This charismatic fellow can often be seen in his trademark wardrobe that consists of a white long sleeve dress shirt and black slacks, almost unheard of in the hot and humid Kerala climate. His daughter's wedding in the nearby city of Vaniangolam just concluded recently and has been dubbed as the "Lakshmi Mittal Wedding of Vaniangolam."

Nearby Hotspots

Kulappulli is adjacent to Shoranur which lies on the banks of the Bharathapuzha River, the second largest river in Kerala. On the other side of the river is a retreat that is popular for tourists from around the world. Also nearby is Vallathol Nagar, home to Kerala Kalamandalam. The Malampuzha Dam can be visited in Palakkad. The dam is often opened during the monsoon season which can cause widespread flooding in the Bharathapuzha River since Bharathapuzha's tributary, the Kalpathipuzha River, joins the Malampuzha River.

Notorious Cab Drivers

Kulappulli has the dubious distinction of having some of the most colorful, yet pathetically bad cab drivers in Central Kerala. Visitors are advised to consult locals before calling for a cab in the city as drivers are notorious for being late or not showing up at all.

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