Bohrmans Mill (Pennsylvania)

Bohrmans Mill (Pennsylvania)

Bohrman's Mill is a water-powered gristmill built in 1815 in Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania. The mill is located outside the town of Orwigsburg, along Mahonney Creek, which flows from Second Mountain. The mill was primarily used for grinding corn meal and hulling oats, using a 20-foot overshot water wheel, and later switching to a turbine system.

The earliest known proprietor of the Mill is Daniel Boyer, who maintained the mill from 1865 to 1894. Since 1894 until its closing, the Mill and subsequent farm has been owned and operated by the Bohrman family. Though the mill no longer exists, like most others in Schuykill County, the Homes and several supporting structures still stand to this day. The area around the old farm keeps the name "Bohrman's Mill".

The Bohrman family has surviving members in Orwigsburg, and several other places throughout Pennsylvania.

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