According to Hinduism and Hindu mythology, Kshetrapala, that is, the lord of the farmland, is a deity who was originally a deity of the farmland, particularly in the south India. Over a period of time, Kshetrapala became a generic name applied to deities associated with a piece or parcel of land, or a particular region (kshetra in Sanskrit). His temples are generally constructed on the northeastern corner of temples devoted to Shiva, and he is worshipped prior to each ritual to ensure the efficacy of that particular ritual.


Kshetrapala’s images are awe-inspiring, and he is generally depicted naked, is shown with three eyes and untidy hair. He is displayed with wielding a number of weapons and accompanied by shvans (dogs). He is sometimes identified with Bhairava.


*"Dictionary of Hindu Lore and Legend" (ISBN 0-500-51088-1) by Anna Dallapiccola

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