Tøffelhelt is a Norwegian band.


Tøffelhelt was founded in Kragerø, Norway, in November 2004, by the two guitarists Henrik Thoresen (b. 17. May 1986), Matias Haug Solstad (b. 22. June 1986) and the drummer Thomas Tellefsen (b. 25. December 1986). Later keyboardist, Sondre Askedalen joined, Daniel Andre Gundersen (B. December 1986) took the singing job and Sæhænd Basmi Rasekh entered as a bassist. The band invented a new genre and a unique sound, known ass Free Pervojazz.

Tøffelhelt had one hit, Lasse Part 2, a part of the Legend Of Lasse. The same year the band paused, and Sondre Askedalen and Sæhænd Basmi Rasekh quit.

Lyrics and Philosophy

Tøffelhelt's self-written songs had lyrics in Norwegian. The themes and use of word was very complex, but yet easy and "every-day-philosophic". They have never explained in public what the lyrics is all about, the ruling statement was: What does the lyrics mean to you? What you want.


The silence around Tøffelhelt's future remains.

[http://home.no.net/toffelhe Their Official Site]

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