Brill (Elfquest)

Brill (Elfquest)

Brill is a fictional female elf character from the comic book series "Elfquest" by Wendy and Richard Pini. She's one of the WaveDancers, the sea elves who live at Crest Point, introduced in the 1996 pilot issue "WaveDancers Special 1" and whose adventures are continued in the "Elfquest Reader's Collection" Book 16, "WaveDancers." Brill, who has long dark brown hair, sparkling jewel deep blue eyes, and uniquely shaped ears, used to be the lovemate of the tribe's only fully-matured(powers-wise) healer, Skimback, right before the story started. However, he was tied by Recognition to another woman of the tribe, Sandsparkle, and Brill virtually went into mourning, for she too had always wished to bear a child of her own. Despite being cheered up by Spine, the tribe's joker and ladies' man, Brill began wondering whether she would Recognize someday.

She has a twin sister, the sassy warrior Krill, who is identical to her but has short-cropped hair and unshaped ears.

Brill was featured in the 1999 Lovemates Calendar's December plate drawn by Wendy Pini, together with Sunstream (previously known as Suntop), who is the son of "Elfquest's" main characters Cutter and Leetah. Afterward, Richard Pini stated "there's a strong probability" Sunstream and Brill will Recognize by the time of "Final Quest". This came to pass in the four-issue miniseries "Elfquest: The Discovery", which DC Comics began releasing in January 2006. In the series' third issue, the couple consummated their Recognition, and Brill is now pregnant with Sunstream's child.

The name of Brill comes from a flatfish of European waters which has fins that strongly resemble hers (see Brill).

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