Hangman may refer to:

* Hangman, a type of executioner who carries out a death sentence by hanging
* Hangman (game), a game of guessing a word or phrase one letter at a time

In literature:
* Hangman (DC Comics), an enemy of Batman
* Hangman (Marvel Comics), the name of two fictional characters in the Marvel Universe
* "The Hangman" (poem), a children’s poem by Maurice Ogden, or a 1964 animated short based on the poem
* "The Hangman" (play), a play by Joseph Musaphia produced by the University of Canterbury Drama Society in New Zealand
* "Hangman", a novel by Michael Slade

In other uses:
* The Hangman (roller coaster), a roller coaster located at the now-defunct Opryland USA theme park in Nashville, Tennessee, U.S.
* Hangman Books, a British independent small press
** Hangman Records, an associated record label
* "Hangman" (video game), a game for the Atari 2600 based on the guessing game
* "Hangman" (film), a 2001 television film featuring Carlos Díaz
* "The Hangman" (1959 film), an American western directed by Michael Curtiz
* "The Hangman" (2005 film), an Indian film starring Shreyas Talpade

ee also

* The Hanged Man (disambiguation)
* Hanging tree (disambiguation)
* Hang (disambiguation)

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