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Name = Bullinamingvase
Type = Album
Artist = Roy Harper

Released = 1977
Recorded = Hereford, England
Genre = Rock
Length = 44:22
Label = Harvest SHSP 4060,
Science Friction HUCD021
Producer = Peter Jenner, John Leckie
Reviews =
* Allmusic Rating|4|5 [http://www.allmusicguide.com/cg/amg.dll?p=amg&sql=10:8lamqjoiojja link]
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"Bullinamingvase" is a 1977 album by Roy Harper. In the USA the album was released under the title "One Of Those Days In England".


This album is one of Harpers most polished recordings, featuring a rich mix of musicians and instruments, including the Vauld Symphony Orchestra (named after the Hereford farm Harper owned and recorded in at the time). Brilliant lyrics, as 'clear' as Harpers guitar playing, make this a stand out album from Harpers back catalogue. The current CD release (Science Friction HUCD021) has been remastered with SNS 20-bit digital supermapping, allowing the 'full texture' of the music to be appreciated.

One of the albums highlights is the epic, 19 minute, "One Of Those Days In England (Parts 2-10)" (originally side 2 of the album). Comprised of several musical movements, this song is a collection of reminiscences from both a personal and cultural perspective. Harper sings of "Britannica and all those who sail in her, especially those with Albions cultural heritage claws..." (See Liner Notes)

Originally the album contained the song "Watford Gap" which contained somewhat disparaging lyrics "...concerning the Watford Gap service station, a motorway service area situated between junctions 16 and 17 of the M1 Motorway, near Watford Gap, in Northamptonshire, England". "Watford Gap, Watford Gap, a plate of grease and a load of " sang Harper. [Wiki link to Watford Gap info]

"Subsequent pressings omitted the song at the behest of an EMI board member who was (also) a non-executive director of Blue Boar (the owners of the service station)..." [Wiki link to Watford Gap info] .

Under duress, Harper replaced the controversial track with "Breakfast With You", a song Harper himself allegedly described as "pap" [ [http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00000DCIN Amazon review] ] .

With the re-print of "Bullinamingvase", Harvest Records included a promo "single" (SPSR 407). The tracks included were:
#Side A – "Referendum (Legend)" / "Another Day" (Live Version)
#Side B – "Tom Tiddler's Ground"

Another promo release on the Harvest label (SPSR 408), contained the tracks:
#Side A – "One Of Those Days In England" / "Watford Gap"
#Side B – "Naked Flame" / (Extract from One Of Those Days In England) - "Mrs Space"

"Watford Gap" was finally restored to the 1996 re-issued CD, and "Breakfast With You" closes that CD.

Track listing

"All tracks credited to Roy Harper"

ide One

#"One Of Those Days In England" – 3:25
#"These Last Days" – 4:26
#"Cherishing the Lonesome" – 5:54
#"Naked Flame" – 5:06
#"Watford Gap" – 3:22

ide Two

#"One Of Those Days In England (Parts 2-10)" – 19:27

1977 Harvest Reprint

ide One

#"One Of Those Days In England" – 3:25
#"These Last Days" – 4:26
#"Cherishing the Lonesome" – 5:54
#"Naked Flame" – 5:06
#"Breakfast With You" – 2:42

ide Two

#"One Of Those Days In England (Parts 2-10)" – 19:27

1996 CD reissue

#"One Of Those Days In England" – 3:25
#"These Last Days" – 4:26
#"Cherishing the Lonesome" – 5:54
#"Naked Flame" – 5:06
#"Watford Gap" – 3:22
#"One Of Those Days In England (Parts 2-10)" – 19:27
#"Breakfast With You" – 2:42


Two singles were released from the album on the Harvest label.

March 1977 (HAR 5120)

*Side 1. "One Of Those Days In England"
*Side 2. "Watford Gap"

November 1977 (HAR 5140)

*Side 1. "Sail Away"
*Side 2. "Cherishing The Lonesome"


*Roy Harper -
*John Leckie - Sound Engineer
*Mark Vigars - Sound Engineer
*Steve Broughton
*Dave Cochran
*B.J. Cole
*Herbie Flowers
*John Halsey
*Percy Jones
*Skaila Kanga [http://www.ram.ac.uk/study/selectadepartment/biogs/Skaila+Kanga.htm] - Harp
*Ronnie Lane
*David Lawson
*Alvin Lee
*Linda McCartney
*Paul McCartney
*Jimmy McCulloch
*Henry McCullough
*Max Middleton
*Dave Plowman
*Andy Roberts
*The Vauld Symphony Orchestra


External links

* [http://www.royharper.com/ Roy Harper Official Site]
* [http://www.iki.fi/musicnaut/royharper.html Excellent Roy Harper resource]
* [http://www.mistlethrush.co.uk/stormcock/discogra.htm Roy Harper Discography]
* [http://www.farmstays.co.uk/bb/vauldHouse.html The Vauld Farm Bed & Breakfast]
* [http://www.musiciansgallery.com/start/strings/harps/kanga(skaila).htm Biography of Skaila Kanga]

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