Star Wars Legacy 0

Star Wars Legacy 0

Infobox SW Comics
name = Legacy #0

script = John Ostrander
cover_art = Jan Duursema
pencils =
inks =
art = Jan Duursema,
Sean Cooke, &
Dan Parsons
lettering =
colors = Brad Anderson
designer = David Nestelle
art_dir =
editor = Randy Stradley
asst_editor = Dave Marshall
asso_editor =
publisher = Mike Richardson
era = Legacy
series =
galactic_year =
canon = C
publishing_co = Dark Horse Comics
release_date = 7 June 2006
pages = 32
size_weight =
isbn =
preceded_by =
followed_by =

"Star Wars: Legacy 0" is the pre-release supplement of the "" comic series. It was released on 7 June 2006, and instead of a story, serves as an introduction to the series. It cost twenty-five cents.

Publisher's Description

Welcome to the beginning of a grand, new chapter in the "Star Wars" saga!

More than a hundred years have passed since the events in "" and the days of the New Jedi Order. There is a new evil gripping the galaxy, shattering a resurgent Empire and seeking to destroy the last of the Jedi. Even as their power is failing, the Jedi hold to one final hope: the last remaining heir to the Skywalker legacy.

It's a brave new galaxy for "Star Wars" fans, at once familiar and surprising-interplanetary intrigue and adventure on an epic scale; iconic heroes and villains cast in new roles and caught in surprising new situations. Everything you've loved about "Star Wars", but nothing you expect!

This special 25¢ comic sets the stage for the launch of the new Star Wars: Legacy series, which begins in June!


*Cade Skywalker; bounty hunter; smuggler; former Jedi; captain, "Mynock" (human male)
*Kol Skywalker; Jedi Master; Jedi Council member (human male)
*"Bantha" Rawk; chief mechanic, Selonian shipyards
*Rav; pirate
*Deliah Blue; bounty hunter; mechanic, "Mynock" (Zeltron female)
*Jariah Syn; bounty hunter; copilot, "Mynock"
*Shado Vao; Padawan to Kol Skywalker (Twi'lek male)
*Rasi Tuum; Jedi
*Hosk Tre'lyis; Jedi (Bothan male)
*Wolf Sazen; Jedi; Master of Cade Skywalker (Zabrak male)
*Queen Jool; information broker; owner, Rik's cantina (Hutt female)
*Finn; bartender, Rik's cantina
*Naxy Screeger; gambler
*Attatag Gosem; spy; information broker
*Chak; smuggler; captain, "Grinning Liar" (Wookiee male)
*Kee; copilot and mechanic, "Grinning Liar"
*Rav; runs bounty-clearing house; former pirate
*Darth Talon; Sith; one of Krayt's "Hands" (Twi'lek female)
*Darth Nihl; Sith; one of Krayt's "Hands"
*Darth Stryfe; Sith (human male)
*Darth Krayt; Sith
*Darth Wyyrlok; Sith; lieutenant to Darth Krayt (Chagrian male)
*Darth Maladi; Sith; head, Sith Intelligence and Assassination
*Ganner Krieg; Imperial Knight; Jedi (human male)
*Sigel Dare; Imperial Knight; Jedi (human female)
*Antares Draco; leader, Imperial Knights; Jedi (human male)
*Marasiah Fel; princess, Fel dynasty (human female)
*Roan Fel; Emperor (human male)
*Gunn "Gunner" Yage; Imperial pilot (human female)
*Rulf Yage] ; Moff (human male)
*Tev "Crasher" Rimon; Imperial pilot (human male)
*Jae "Storm" Akura; Imperial pilot (human male)
*Brodie "Cannon" Coburn; Imperial pilot (human male)
*Morlish Veed; Moff (human male)
*Nyna Calixte; head, Imperial Intelligence (human female)
*Konrad Rus; head Imperial Mission (human male)
*Astraal Vao; twin sister of Shado Vao; Imperial Mission (Twi'lek female)




*Jedi Academy; Ossus
*Jedi Temple; Coruscant
*Imperial Mission


*"Mynock"; Cade Skywalker
*"Grinning Liar"; Chak
*Pellaeon-class Star Destroyer; Empire
*Sienar Predator-class fighter; Empire
*Imperial Shuttle; Empire
*Jedi X-83 Twintail Fighter; Jedi Order
*Jedi Shuttle; Jedi Order
*Incom CF9 Crossfire fighter; Galactic Alliance Core Force


*Rawk Chopped Special
*Bluebolt blaster
*Imperial Knight Lightsaber
*ARC-9965 blaster

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