Thomas Leveritt

Thomas Leveritt

Thomas Leveritt is a half-American, half-British artist who works in various mediums. His roots are in figurative painting, for which he has won the Carroll Medal for Portraiture from the UK's Royal Society of Portrait Painters, and other painting awards from the National Portrait Gallery. [* [ The Royal Society of Portrait Painters website] ] He has also won the Betty Trask Award for a first novel from the Society of Authors, for his novel The Exchange-Rate Between Love and Money. [* [ The Bookseller] ]

EducationRaised in Dallas, Texas, Tom was sent to boarding school in England at the age of 8. At 13 he won a full scholarship to Harrow School. He went on to study History at Peterhouse, Cambridge, graduating with a double First.
* [ Official website of Thomas Leveritt.]
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