Ephraim (disambiguation)

Ephraim (disambiguation)

Ephraim can refer to:

* The Biblical patriarch Ephraim and his descendants, the Tribe of Ephraim
* Saint Ephraim the Syrian
* Saint Ephraim of Nea Makri (also known as Saint Ephraim of Mount Amomon)
* Hogan Ephraim footballer
* Molly Ephraim actressPlaces mentioned in the Bible:
* Mount Ephraim
* Wood of Ephraim
* Ephraim in the wildernessPlaces in the United States:
* Ephraim, Wisconsin
* Ephraim, Utah
* Mount Ephraim, New Jersey, a borough in Camden County, New Jersey
* Mount Ephraim (Vermont), a mountain near North Springfield, VermontBooks and fictional characters:
* The Book of Ephraim by James Merrill
* Ephraim (Fire Emblem), a character from the "Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones" PSX video game

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