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* Links (web browser), a web browser for Unix-like systems
* Reciprocal link, two way links to and from websites, also known as "link swaps", "link exchanges" and "link partners"
* Hyperlink, a reference in a hypertext document to another document or other resource
* Magnet URI scheme, a URI scheme for magnet links for downloading resources via peer-to-peer networks
* or , an HTML element that is used to link web pages with other resources such as Cascading Style Sheets


* Hard link, a reference or pointer to physical data on a storage volume
* Symbolic link, a special type of file that serves as a reference to another file


* LINK+, an online library catalog
* Link Trainer, an early type of flight simulator


* Links (programming language), a programming language for web applications
* Linked list, a basic data structure
* Linker, a program that takes one or more objects generated by compilers and assembles them into a single executable program


* Telecommunications link
* Data link
* Downlink
* Point-to-point link
* Satellite link


* LINK or Project LINK, a United Nations project to build global macroeconomic models
* LINK (UK), an ATM network in the United Kingdom
* The Link (organisation), a short-lived British organization founded in 1937 "to promote Anglo-German friendship"
* The Link REIT, a real estate investment trust established by the Hong Kong Housing Authority to privatize shopping malls and carparks
* The Links, Incorporated, an African-American female professional service organization
* LINKS, a collection of student run St John Ambulance units
* Hong Kong Link, a holding company for toll tunnels and bridges wholly owned by the Government of Hong Kong
* Liberty in North Korea (LiNK), a human rights advocacy group


* Link (knot theory), a union of separated mathematical knots, possibly tangled together
* Link (geometry), a graph derived from edges and corners incident to a vertex


* Links (golf), a type of golf course


Television and film

* "Link" (film), a 1986 horror movie featuring an orangutan
* Link TV, an independent American satellite television network
* Link ("The Matrix"), a character in "Matrix" media
* Link Larkin, a character from the musical "Hairspray"
* Link, the ice age man character in the 1992 American film "Encino Man"
* , an episode of "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine"

Video games

* Link ("The Legend of Zelda"), the main character in "The Legend of Zelda" media
* Linking Book, a form of travel in the "Myst" series of games
* Links (computer game), computer-simulated golf game by Access Software


* Link (rapper), an American rapper
* "Link" (album), a 1996 Goa trance album by Mathuresh
* "Link" (song), a single by the Japanese band L'Arc-en-Ciel
* "Links 2-3-4", a 2001 single by Rammstein
* Link Wray, American rock and roll guitarist
* WLNK (107. 9 the Link), a radio station in Charlotte, North Carolina


* Johann Heinrich Friedrich Link (1767-1850), German naturalist and botanist
* Goethe Link (1879-1980), American surgeon and amateur astronomer

Other uses

* Link (chain), a single segment of a chain
* Link (unit), a British and US unit of linear measure
* LINK Train, a people-mover train in the Toronto Pearson International Airport, Canada
* Link Light Rail, a light rail project in Seattle and Tacoma, Washington, US
* Link River, a short river in Klamath Falls, Oregon, US
* Link, a single sausage, originally part of a chain
* Link, or linking col, a topographical feature used in determining topographic prominence
* The Links, mascot for Lincoln High School (Nebraska)
* Missing link, a transitional fossil

See also

*The Link (disambiguation)
*Linc (disambiguation)
*Lynx (disambiguation)

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