Film (disambiguation)

Film (disambiguation)

Film may refer to:;thin layer
*An Old English, Old Frisian, and West Germanic language word meaning skin
*In lubrication theory, a thin layer of liquid, either on a solid or liquid surface or free-standing, such as soap film;a thin material, often made of a polymer.
*Artificial membrane, a thin skin that separates fluids
*Plastic wrap, plastic film used for sealing foods, etc
*Correction paper, a means of correcting mistakes with a typewriter;in physics, other thin layers such as created by
*Chemical vapor deposition
*Physical vapor deposition;for photographic
*Film stock, the physical film used for motion picture photography
*Photographic film, a sheet of plastic used for photography;motion picture
*Film, related to the art of motion pictures and its history;works, artists, etc.
*"Film" (film), a film written by Samuel Beckett
*Film (band), a Croatian rock band
*"The Film programme", a weekly film review show on the BBC
*"Total Film", a British magazine

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