KS Toruń

KS Toruń

KS Toruń - polish speedway team from Toruń, Poland. Formerly known as Apator Toruń (now official name is Unibax Toruń).


Speedway motorcyces roared in Toruń as early as 1930, where they raced in classes according to engine size. The sport, called "Dirt-track" at the time, carried on in Toruń up until World War II. Immediately after the war, racing resumed and the Toruń's Motorcycle Club (Toruński Klub Motocyklowy) was formed. The current speedway track in Toruń saw its first race in 1950 when races were move from Bema street to the then army stadium at ulica Broniewskiego. At the time, Zbigniew Raniszewski was Toruń's best rider. He died during a match in Vienna in the mid 50's.

From 1957 the speedway club operated under the Friends of Soldiers League (Liga Przyjaciół Żołnierza), and one year later Toruń officially raced under the league and won with Unia Leszno. In the year 1959, the riders from Copernicus's birthplace appeared in the third league placing second to last (7th). In 1960 Toruń was placed in the second league, but the team placed last.

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