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Origin = New York City, New York
Genre = Glam metal, hard rock
Years_active = 2000 – present
Label = Independent
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Current_members = Pink Snow
Shelly Lynn
C.J. Scharg
Justin Masters
Past_members = Pontus J. Back
Levi Nayman
Bryan Zeigler
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Erocktica is an American rock band which describes itself as An Anti-Censorship Erotic Theatrical Musical Free Expression Rock Extravaganza.


Erocktica was originally named Porn Rock when formed in New York City in 2000 by front woman Pink Snow. The band performed their first full live show in 2000 at the legendary East Village club CBGBs. From there they built a loyal following in the United States from Boston to Miami and New York to Los Angeles. They were contacted by the Bold Brothers interested in bringing the band to Europe though there was initial concern regarding the band name. The Bold Brothers uncertain of the extent of the show suggested the name be softened fearing European audiences would expect a more graphic show from a band called Porn Rock then an American audience would. The band decided that they would rename the band to Erocktica for performances in Europe while they continued to tour the United States as Porn Rock. In Summer, 2002, with their newly recorded EP, Pink Inside in hand, Erocktica stepped foot for the first time as a band in Europe. Brought over by the Bold Brothers to tour Holland, Erocktica performed for over 3,000 people at the Oerkracht Festival on their first European tour.

In fall 2003 the band went back to Europe on their second tour and due to the success of that tour, Erocktica teamed up with PJB Enterprises based in Vasa, Finland. In December 2003 Erocktica returned to Finland and recorded their first full length album, Porn Again, that contains such erotically charged originals as "Naked", "Ice Cream" and "38D". While hailing from New York City they show the world their strong American pride with their anthem "Porn in America", while working diligently with their European partners at PJB Enterprises to build a mass sensation throughout Europe and across the globe.

In January 2004 band decided to no longer tour the United States as Porn Rock by officially changing their name to Erocktica in the United State due to the overwhelming response the band had received as Erocktica both in Europe and worldwide.

The Band now was able to add fans from Helsinki to Milan and Barcelona to Amsterdam to its growing fan base, shocking crowds with their wild antics and pleasing with their entertaining brand of rock and roll. Erocktica headlined events in the United States now such as Mondo Porno, an event held in major cities across the United States such as New York City, San Fransico, Boston, and Las Vegas. They also performed at the EAT-M Convention in Las Vegas, NXNE in Toronto, Canada and the legendary Coney Island Sideshow. In Europe they have headlined erotic conventions for thousands of fans such as Extasia in Zurich, Switzerland and EROTS in Riga, Latvia.

The band has also performed with numerous hard rock acts such as Warrant, L.A. Guns, Faster Pussycat, Poison’s C.C. Deville and Satanicide. Notorious celebrities such as Moby, Gene Simmons of KISS, Lemmy of Motörhead and the legendary Jayne County are only a few among the throngs of devoted fans, participants and artists who follow the group.


Erocktica has recently formed a new partnership with the Azzardato Agency in the Netherlands. They are currently working on their much anticipated DVD, as well as preparing to release their next album "Second Cuming" on June 21st, 2007.


Current members

*Pink Snow - Vocals
*Shelly Lynn - Bass
*Josette - Guitar
*C.J. Scharg - Drums
*Justin Masters - Guitar (United States)

Band dancers

*Trixxxii Doll
*Crystal Swarovski
*Miss Demeanor
*Michelle Star
*Natasha Strange

Former members

*Pontus J. Back - Guitar (Outside the United States)
*Levi Nayman - Drums
*Bryan Zeigler - Guitar
*P.K. - Guitar


*2002: "Pink Inside" (Recorded as Porn Rock)
*2004: "Porn Again"
*2007: "Second Cuming"

Media Coverage

Over the years Erocktica has been featured in many magazines, newspapers, television and radio programs around the world. Bellow are some of the more notable.

*May 20, 2006 - Playboy TV's popular original series, "Sexcetera" profiles Erocktica including and band interviews and footage from one of their Mondo Porno New York City shows.
*January 2006 - The Belgium edition "Maxim" runs a six page profile on Erocktica
*July 2005 - "Classic Rock": Pornography and rock'n'roll in one unholy marriage
*July 2005 - "Bizarre": The Band Who Really Do Get Up Close and Personal With Their Fans
*March 24, 2005 - "Opie & Anthony" bring Pink Snow and several of Erocktica's Dancers on for a half hour segment on the band where they play several track from Porn Again including Introgasm and Porn In America while they teach Stalker Patty to dress better and orgasm.
*March 15, 2005 - Italy's "Metal Shock": Live Report
*January 5, 2005 - "Las Vegas Mercury": Erocktica: Porn in the U.S.A.
*January 1, 2005 "New York Waste": Starting It Off With A Bang!
*December 22, 2004 - Estonia's "Kroonika": Jõuluvana: nad ei häiri
*November 19, 2004 - Italy's "Giornale di Bergamo": Sex & rock'n'roll
*November 16, 2004 - Estonia's "Baar" - arguably the most popular reality television program on Estonian television brings Erocktica on to spread shake things up.
*October 2004 - Swiss Magazine "Cherry": EROCKTICA - Heisser Sex und starker Rock!
*September 2004 - "Lib International": EROCKTICA - Heisser Sex und starker Rock!
*August 2004 - Italy's "Metal Shock": Erocktica - Profondo Rosa
*August 2004 - Spain's "Primera Linea": Pink Snow - "Adoro El Porno"
*June 11, 2004 - Toronto's "The Spill": Live Review
*May 13, 2004 - Spain's "EL DIARIO MONTAÑÉS": Erocktica y Five Horse Johnson unen rock y provocación en la sala Eventos
*May 12, 2004 - Italy's "Libertá": Erocktica
*April 2004 - Italy's "Metal Shock": Metal XXX EROCKTICA
*March 2004 - Spain's "Popular 1": Erocktica
*November 22, 2003 - Holland's "Noordhollands Dagblad": B en W willen geen afspraak maken tegen porno in Kade
*October 2003 - Finland's "Happy Hour News": Erocktica
*September 05, 2003 - Holland's "Dagblad De Limburger": Vette rock met weinig om het lijf
*January 28, 2003 - "Naked New York" interviews front woman Pink Snow about Erocktica and features her on their round table.
*November 11, 2002 - "New York Waste": Porn Rock
*November 2002 - Spain's "Popular 1": Porn Rock
*October 2002 - "YRB Magazine": Freaks Gettin' Freaky-Deaky
*June 6, 2002 - "Las Vegas Mercury": Music: The elusive dotted line
*June 4, 2002 - "Las Vegas Review Journal": ENTERTAINMENT: Almost Famous
*June 2002 - "Arena": People Are Still Having Sex
*May 2002 - "Las Vegas Review Journal": Porn Rock

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* [ Official site]

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