Federation of Managerial and Professional Staff Unions

Federation of Managerial and Professional Staff Unions

Infobox Union
name= MHP
country= Netherlands
affiliation= ETUC, EUROCADRES
members= 160,000
full_name= Federation of Managerial and Professional Staff Unions
native_name= Vakcentrale Voor Middengroepen en Hoger Personeel

founded= 1966
office= Culemborg, The Netherlands
people= Ad Verhoeven, president
website= [http://www.vakcentralemhp.nl/home.asp www.vakcentralemhp.nl]

The Federation of Managerial and Professional Staff Unions (MHP) is a national trade union center in the Netherlands. It was founded in 1966 as the NCHP, until 1990, when it became the Vakcentrale MHP.

The MPH represents technical and managerial workers in four affiliated organizations:
* Unie Van Onafhankelijke Vakorganisaties (UOV)
* Centrale van Middelbare en Hogere Functionarissen (CMHF)
* Dutch Airline Pilots' Association (VNV) - Vereniging van Nederlandse Verkeersvliegers
* Banking and Insurance Union (BBV) - Beroepsorganisatie Banken en Verzekeringen


*cite book
year = 2005
title = Trade Unions of the World
editor = ICTUR et al,
edition = 6th
publisher = John Harper Publishing
location = London, UK
id = ISBN 0-9543811-5-7

External links

* [http://www.vakcentralemhp.nl/home.asp MHP] official site.

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