Support our troops

Support our troops

"Support our troops" ( _fr. Appuyons nos troupes; [fr Canadian Forces Personnel Support Agency. [ Centre national d'information] . Accessed 18 December 2007.] _es. Apoyar nuestras tropas) is a slogan commonly used in the United States and Canada [Canadian Forces Personnel Support Agency. [ National News Centre] . Accessed 18 December 2007.] in reference to each country's military forces or troops. The slogan has been used during recent conflicts, including the Gulf War [Barbara Ehrenreich, "Blood Rites: Origins and History of the Passions of War". Page 223.] and the Iraq war.

The slogan is sometimes seen as over-generalizing complex issues; for example, an individual may support personnel in the military but not the current respective government's foreign policy.

Red Friday

Groups have advocated the wearing of "red on Fridays", known as Red Friday, to "Support the Troops".Barnett, R. (2007). Spiritual e-soup: a compilation of inspirational messages from the Internet. Charlottesville, Va: e-Soup. Page 80.] The groups say that wearing red on Fridays is meant to be a non partisan act by someone to show their support for Armed Forces abroad regardless of where they are or under what circumstances they were deployed. This is specifically used in the U.S. to show support of troops in Iraq, Afghanistan, and anywhere else. Other groups use it to either support or oppose wars, specifically the Iraq War and the War in Afghanistan (2001–present)

Wearing red can include any article of clothing or accessory such as ribbons, lapel pins, hats etc.

Red Friday in Canada

People in Canada have started wearing red on Fridays to show support for the men and women serving in the Canadian Forces. The choice of using red is because it is an official Canadian colour and also historically is a colour of remembrance for it symbolizes the red poppies in Flanders Fields and the loss of life the country has endured.

Many positions in the House of Commons do not allow employees to dress outside of uniform but have compromised to allow staff to wear a red ribbon instead. This is the only exception other than wearing a poppy for Remembrance Day.

Related ideas

Awareness ribbon are short pieces of ribbon folded into a loop, or representations of such, which are used in the United States, Canada, Australia, UK and other parts of the world as a way for the wearer to make a subtle statement of support for a cause or issue. A Yellow ribbon is a symbol with various meanings, mostly associated with those waiting for the return of a loved one or of military troops who are temporarily unable to come home.

A Service flag in the United States is an official banner that family members of service members in harm's way can display.U.S. Congress (unknown date). [ 36 USC 901] provided by Cornell Law School. ]

Criticism and opponents

Political analyst Noam Chomsky has criticized the slogan, saying, :" [...] the point of public relations slogans like "Support Our Troops" is that they don't mean anything [...] that's the whole point of good propaganda. You want to create a slogan that nobody is gonna be against and I suppose everybody will be for, because nobody knows what it means, because it doesn't mean anything. But its crucial value is that it diverts your attention from a question that does mean something, do you support our policy? And that's the one you're not allowed to talk about." [cite book|author=Noam Chomsky|url= |title=Media Control: The Spectacular Achievements of Propaganda|publisher=2nd Edition. Seven Stories Press|year=2002|pages= 64 pages|id=ISBN 1583225366|pages=26]

ee also

; General : Yellow ribbon, POW/MIA flag, Remembrance Day, Veterans Day, Memorial day, Tomb of the Unknowns, The Unknown Warrior, War on Terrorism; Anti-war: Opposition to the Iraq War, Opposition to the Vietnam War, Criticism of the War on Terrorism, Joel Stein; Other : Glittering generality, Militarization, Thought-terminating cliché, Media manipulation, Popular opinion in the US on the invasion of Iraq, Canada's role in the invasion of Afghanistan, Iraq War troop surge of 2007



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Further reading

* Dinyer, E. (2004). Support our troops. Kansas City: Andrews McMeel Pub.

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