A bullock is a castrated bull, also known as a steer or ox. They are castrated so that the animal may be more docile or may put on weight more quickly.

Bullock may also refer to:
* Bullock cart
* Bullock County, Alabama
* Bullock Pen Lake
* Bullock Creek
* Bullock Report (A Language for Life) (1975)
* Bullock Report (Industrial democracy) (1977)
* Bullock's, a defunct department store chain based in Los Angeles, California

People with the surname Bullock

* Alan Bullock (1914-2004), historian and academic
* Alexander H. Bullock, Governor of Massachusetts from 1866-1868
* Caryanne Bullock, Peace Activist,model/actress, CEO Divine Life LLC, One Love Unity Organization board member
* Bob Bullock, American politician
* Geoff Bullock, Australian Pentecostal paster and songwriter
* Harvey Bullock, American screenwriter
* JM J. Bullock, American actor
* Jeffrey Bullock, American university president
* Jimmy Bullock, English footballer
* Martha Bullock, wife of Seth Bullock
* Matthew Bullock, fled to Canada
* Mike Bullock, comics artist
* Norman Bullock, English footballer and football manager
* Red Bullock (1911-1988), Major League Baseball pitcher
* Richard Bullock, real-life Deadwood Dick
* Sandra Bullock, American actress
* S. Scott Bullock, American actor
* Seth Bullock, United States Marshals
* Steve Bullock, British mayor
* William Bullock, English actor
* William Bullock English traveller, naturalist and antiquarian
* William Bullock, American printing press
* William H. Bullock U.S. Roman Catholic churchman
* Wynn Bullock, American photographer

ee also

* Bulloch
* Bollocks
* Harvey Bullock, fictional character from "Batman"

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