Microtunnel boring machine

Microtunnel boring machine

Microtunnel Boring Machines (MTBM) are used for microtunneling.They are very similar to tunnel boring machines but on a smaller scale. These machines generally vary from 24” to 60” but smaller and larger machines have existed. The main differences between MTBM and TBM operations are:

*MTBM is operated by remote control, and
*MTBM usually has the tunnel liner pushed behind the machine instead of built as the machine advances.

ee also

* Trenchless technology

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* http://www.ukstt.org.uk/trenchless_technology/pipe_cables/#Section-43
* http://www.insituform.com/howwedoit/microtunneling_insituform.htm
* http://www.akkerman.com/
* http://www.microtunneling.com
* http://www.perco.co.uk/microtunnelling

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