Gerard Niyungeko

Gerard Niyungeko

Gerard Niyungeko is a Judge of the African Court on Human and Peoples' Rights.


* Position at Time of Election: Professor of Law at the University of Burundi at Bujumbura. There, he holds the UNESCO Chair in Education for Peace and Conflicts Resolution. Dr. Niyungeko is also a consultant to the Political Affairs Commission of the African Union.

Other positions held

* Member, Editorial Committee of the Research Group on the Democratic, Economic and Social Development of Africa (current)
* Visiting Professor in International Law, Free University of Brussels (2002-2003)
* International expert, United Nations Program for development in the judicial domain and in the domain of human rights (2002)
* Counsel for Niger, Boundary Dispute between Niger and Benin, International Court of Justice (2002)
* Member, Implementation Monitoring Committee for the Arusha Accord for Peace and Reconciliation in Burundi (2000)
* Member, Association for the Development of Education in Africa Working Group on Higher Education (1999)
* Member, Burundi delegation to the diplomatic conference of the United Nations on the creation of the International Criminal Court (1998)
* Vice Rector, University of Burundi (1997-2000)
* President, Constitutional Court of Burundi (1992-1996)
* Legal representative, Great Lakes University
* Member, Committee forming the Tribunal of the Preferential Trade Area for Eastern and Southern African States (1991-1995)
* President, Constitutional Commission of Burundi (1991-1992)
* Counsel for Burundi, LAFICO v. Holding Arabe Burundo Libyen (HALB), International Arbitral Tribunal, Brussels (1990-1991)
* Counsel for Burundi, Armed Activities on the Territory of the Congo (Democratic Republic of Congo v. Burundi),
* International Court of Justice (1999-2000)


* " _fr. La preuve devant les juridictions internationales" (Brussels: Bruylant, forthcoming) fr icon
* " _fr. Les droits de l'homme, cours destiné aux formateurs" (Bujumbura, 1994) fr icon
* " _fr. L'impact du programme d'adjustement structurel sur le respect des droits économiques et sociaux au Burundi", 32 "Revue Belge" 8 (1999) fr icon
* " _fr. La mise en oeuvre du droit international humanitaire et le principe de la souveraineté des États", "International Review of the Red Cross" 113 (1991) fr icon
* Dr. Niyungeko is also the author of several training manuals on human rights

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