SMUK Kolese Santo Yusup

SMUK Kolese Santo Yusup

Saint Joseph College (Kolese Santo Yusup or Hwa Ind) is a privately owned Catholic school in Malang, East Java, Indonesia. It provides quality education to students from kindergarten to senior high level.


On 16 January 1951, Father Joseph Wang, CDD was given a task from the bishop of Malang to develop a Catholic school for Chinese students whom, at the time, were learning in a Chinese school. Father Joseph Wang, or more affectionately called as Father Wang was a priest from the .

The first step that he took was to buy a run-down building in an area of 5000m² in 35 Dr. Soetomo Street, Malang. On 15 July 1951, the school unofficially opened with the name Roman Catholic Indonesian Chinese Secondary School ("Sekolah Menengah Roma Katolik Tionghua Indonesia"/SM-RK Hwa Ind). Two days later, the school began its first lessons to only 4 students. The opening of the school was officially done by Monsignor AEJ. Albers, O. Carm. on 19 March 1952, and this is the date used as the school's anniversary.

On 4 January 1954, Father Wang opened one class for senior students with an enrolment of 27 students. On 1 December 1959, the school's name was changed to Saint Joseph College. On 1 September 1974, another campus was opened in the Blimbing area specially for the senior students. The school was named Saint Joseph Senior High School ("SMAK Kolese Santo Yusup"). At the time there were only 9 classes, and since then the number of classes has increased to 29-30 classes for senior students.


Saint Joseph College is divided into 2 campuses, the Soetomo campus and Blimbing campus. The Soetomo campus enrols students from kindergarten to junior high level. The Blimbing campus enrols students from elementary to senior high level. The Soetomo campus is dubbed Saint Joseph College 1, whereas the Blimbing campus is dubbed Saint Joseph College 2.

aint Joseph College 1

The current principal of Saint Joseph Junior High School 1 is Mr. Sergius Nelius

aint Joseph College 2

The following are the principals of Saint Joseph College 2 High School:
*Father Joseph Wang, CDD (1954 - 1973)
*Mr. G. Soewandi (1974 - 1984)
*Father Hilarius Sutiono, CDD (1984 - 2004)
*Mr. Peter B. Sihombing (2004 - present)


In 1958, the Blimbing campus opened a residential college for boys, and in 1979 for girls. The capacity for the residential colleges at present is to house 280 students.

The Blimbing campus is equipped with the following facilities:
*Science, language, and computer laboratories
*Green house/aviatorium
*Great hall

The great hall is a 3-storey multi-purpose building:
*Ground level is used for students' activity
*Mid level is for band and choir practice, multimedia practice, and conference holding
*Uppermost level is for badminton and table tennis practices, which can also be used for mass meeting with students since its capacity is 600 people

The school also opened a spiritual retreat house in Sawiran, Nongkojajar. The complex is located in a quiet and remote hilly area (on the way to Mount Bromo). It can house up to 150 people.

The school also owns a clinic, organic horticulture farm, co-op, and publishing company.

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