The name "Baxter" has several meanings. All originated from the surname Baxter meaning "female baker", originally a Scottish and East Anglian name. The Baxter family is traditionally a sept of Clan MacMillan.




* Al Baxter, Australian rugby union player
* Alain Baxter, Scottish skier
* Andrew Baxter, Scottish philosopher
* Anne Baxter, American actress
* Annie Baxter, American radio reporter
* Archibald Baxter, New Zealand pacifist
* Arlene Baxter, American model


* Batsell Baxter, American religious leader and educator
* Biddy Baxter, British TV producer
* Bill Baxter, Australian politician
* Billy Baxter, British soldier
* Billy Baxter (poker player), American poker player
* Billy Baxter (footballer) Scottish footballer
* Blake Baxter, American electronic musician
* Brad Baxter, American football player


* Charles Baxter (author), American author
* Charles R. Baxter, American physician
* J. Clifford Baxter, Enron executive


* Darren Baxter, English footballer
* Dorian Baxter, Canadian Anglican priest


* Edward Felix Baxter, British soldier
* Elisha Baxter, American jurist and politician
* Esther Baxter, American model


* Frank C. Baxter, American TV personality
* Frank William Baxter, Rhodesian soldier
* Fred Baxter, American football player


* Gary Baxter, football player
* George W. Baxter, a 19th century governor of Wyoming Territory
* Glen Baxter, British cartoonist
* Glen Baxter (journalist), Canadian journalist
* Gordon Baxter, American aviator
* Gregory Baxter, Canadian ski jumper


* Henry Baxter, American general


* Irvin Baxter Jr., American Christian apologist
* Irving Baxter, American athlete


* Jacob Baxter, Canadian politician
* James Keir Baxter, New Zealand poet
* James Baxter, English rugby union internationalist and Olympic silver medalist
* James Baxter (animator), British animator
* James Phinney Baxter, mayor of Portland, Maine, and cofounder of Baxter State Park
* James Phinney Baxter III, American historian
* Jane Baxter, British-born actress
* Jean Rae Baxter, Canadian author
* Jeff Baxter, American guitarist and government consultant
* Jim Baxter, Scottish footballer
* John Baxter (author), Australian-born writer and film-maker
* John Baxter (director), British-born film-maker of the 1930s and 40s
* John Baxter (explorer), Australian explorer who accompanied Edward John Eyre across the Nullarbor Plain
* John Baxter (footballer), Scottish footballer
* John Baxter (musician), lead vocalist and guitarist of 1980s British New Wave band Re-Flex
* John Babington Macaulay Baxter (1868–1946), Canadian politician
* John G. Baxter (1826-1885), nineteenth and twenty-first mayor of Louisville, Kentucky
* J.R. Baxter (1887-1960), American gospel musician


* Kay Baxter, American bodybuilder


* Laurence Baxter, British statistician
* Les Baxter, American pianist
* Lois Baxter, British actress
* Lonny Baxter, American basketball player
* Lynsey Baxter, British actress


* Marvin R. Baxter, American judge
* Meredith Baxter or Meredith Baxter-Birney, American actress


* Nathan D. Baxter, American clergyman
* Nick Baxter, English pistol shooter


* Paul Baxter, Canadian ice hockey player and assistant coach
* Percival Proctor Baxter, governor of the U.S. state of Maine
* Peter Baxter, cricket commentator


* Raymond Baxter, British television personality
* Richard Baxter, English Nonconformist clergyman
* Rick Baxter, American politician
* Robert Dudley Baxter, British economist
* Rodney J. Baxter, Australian physicist
* Ronnie Baxter, English darts player

* J. Sidlow Baxter, Australian theologian
* Skippy Baxter, American figure skater
* Stanley Baxter, British comedian
* Stephen Baxter, British science-fiction writer
* Steve Baxter, American songwriter and guitarist
* Stuart Baxter, British football manager


* Tom Baxter, British guitarist/solo-artist
* Trevor Baxter, British actor


* Virginia Baxter, American figure skater


* Warner Baxter, American actor
* William Baxter, American born British cartoonist
* William Baxter (botanist)
* William Baxter (law professor), American jurist
* William Edward Baxter, British politician

Given name

* Baxter Black (born 1945), American cowboy, poet, philosopher, former large-animal veterinarian, and radio commentator
* Baxter Dury, pop singer, son of Ian Dury

Fictional characters

* Baxter Basics, character from British comic "Viz"
* Baxter (mascot), the mascot for the Arizona Diamondbacks baseball team
* Baxter Stockman in the "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" series
* Corrine Baxter, in "Strange Days at Blake Holsey High"
* Cory Baxter, in "Cory in the House"
* Evan Baxter, played by Steve Carell in "Evan Almighty" (2007)
* Georgette Franklin Baxter, in "The Mary Tyler Moore Show"
* Raven Baxter, in "That's So Raven"
* Rupert Baxter, Lord Emsworth's secretary in the stories and novels by P. G. Wodehouse
* Tanya Baxter, in "That's So Raven"
* Ted Baxter, in "The Mary Tyler Moore Show"
* Victor Baxter, in "Cory in the House"


* "Baxter" (film), a 1989 French black comedy, with a talking dog named "Baxter"
* "The Baxter", a 2005 romantic comedy

Place names

In Antarctica:
*Mount Baxter (Antarctica)

In Australia:
*Baxter, Victoria
*Baxter Immigration Reception and Processing Centre, an Australian immigration detention facility near Port Augusta, South Australia

In Canada:
*Baxter, Ontario

In the United States:
*Baxter, Arkansas
*Baxter, Iowa
*Baxter, Minnesota
*Baxter, Tennessee
*Baxter, Berkeley County, West Virginia
*Baxter, Marion County, West Virginia
*Baxter County, Arkansas
*Baxter Estates, New York
*Mount Baxter (California)
*Baxter State Park, in Maine


* Baxter (band), a Swedish electronica band
* Baxter's Bus Lines, an Australian bus company
* Baxter College, University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia
* Baxter International, a United States-based multinational medical instruments & supplies company
* The Baxter meteorite of 1916, which fell in Missouri, United States (see Meteorite falls)
* Baxter (milk), a milk company which sells most of their products in south New-Brunswick

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