Fairy Idol

Fairy Idol

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Airdate = May 19, 2006
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"Fairy Idol" is a "Fairly OddParents" movie, which premiered on May 19, 2006. The title and plot parody the television show "American Idol". Before the premier of the show, an online poll at Nick.com went live to see which character was set to win the contest. At the end of the run, Cosmo was the winner with over 300,000 votes. On the film's premiere night, 3 million viewers tuned in to watch the show. The same day Bo Bice, "American Idol" season four runner-up, hosted the Nickelodeon airing on May 19, 2006 in the U.S., as he "knows something about" these kinds of contests. The movie is notable for having no moving title screen and just a plain one, like the regular episodes.Fact|date=August 2008

Originally, as Norm the Genie was slated to appear in the movie, Norm Macdonald was meant to reprise his role. However, due to scheduling conflicts, he was unable to do so. The creators turned instead to Robert Cait. [ [http://normnews.com/4436.html "Norm the Genie Returns for More Mischief: Norm Macdonald NOT Voicing Character Based On Him"] ]


* Timmy Turner
* Cosmo and Wanda
* Norm the Genie
* Jorgen von Strangle
* Blonda
* Binky
* Simon
* Cupid
* Juandissmo Magnifico


The TV movie starts with the mayor as Norm the Genie with his new master. He wishes for a sandwich, and then to be mayor of the world. Eventually, he angers the citizens and is about to be put in a guillotine. Norm, who has come up with an evil plan, gives a note to the mayor and tells him to say it. It says to wish that everything was back to normal and Norm was in the hands of Timmy Turner's best friend, Chester McBadbat. Norm is then sent to Chester, who wishes that Timmy could play with him. Norm goes to Timmy's house and tells him that he will create a clone. The clone would do everything at home while the real Timmy has fun with Chester. However, once Timmy leaves, the clone gives Cosmo and Wanda a hard time.

When Timmy returns home from a fun day with Chester, he finds out that Cosmo and Wanda have quit being his fairy godparents. Jorgen Von Strangle appears. He wipes Timmy's mind, making him forget everything that has happened. However, it is then revealed that he wiped the mind of the clone. In Fairy World, everyone finds out that Cosmo and Wanda have quit. A singing contest is then held to find a replacement fairy (or other magical creature). Norm also makes Chester's dad the best baseball player in the world.

Timmy needs to get his fairies back, so he travels to Fairy World (with the aid of Mr. Crocker's teleporter), but is captured by two security guards. Meanwhile, four contestants have sung their songs: an unnamed William Hung fairy, a Wicked Witch fairy (she was crushed by a house before she got to sing), the Tooth Fairy, and some Lawn Gnomes. Timmy then disguises himself as Crocker. The April Fool, Juandissimo Magnifico, the Cupid and Sanderson the Pixie have now performed, and the only contestants left to do so are Norm and Cosmo. Timmy then shows up. He makes up with his fairies and Cosmo performs (strangely, he sings just like "American Idol" season 3 runner-up Diana DeGarmo). Cosmo is then announced the winner, but Norm crushes them with a wrecking ball. He is then made a fairy and his godchild is the miserable Chester McBadbat (whose father was arrested). Eventually, Cosmo and Wanda survive, but Chester wishes that Norm was Timmy's fairy. However, Timmy makes Norm go two weeks without wishing. He then turns to confetti. Chester wishes Norm back into his lamp. Jorgen arrives, saying that Timmy has broken the rules. But, as he is about to take Cosmo and Wanda away, he sees the lamp and poofs away with it. Everything goes back to normal.

The film ends with Chester and Timmy going out to have fun. Cosmo and Wanda go 24 hours without granting wishes. They turn to confetti. Cosmo, who is obsessed with string, says, "Neat! I'm string! Yay!"

Contestants and their songs

* Unnamed William Hung Fairy ("Fairly OddParents Theme")
* Witch ("Somewhere Over the Rainbow") (Never got to sing, and was crushed by a falling house as soon as she announced her song choice (she is obviously supposed to be the Wicked Witch of the East from "The Wizard of Oz"))
* Juandissmo Magnifico ("I'm Too Sexy for My Sexy") - Parody of "I'm Too Sexy" by Right Said Fred
* Cupid ("I Can't Live Without Love")
* The Tooth Fairy ("My Shiny Teeth and Me")
* The April Fool ("Emotions")
* Sanderson the Pixie ("I'm Sanderson")
* Lawn Gnomes ("Not Pixies")
* Norm ("Gimme the Wand")
* Cosmo ("Gimme the Wand, alternate")


* Tara Strong as Timmy Turner/Blonda/Timmy Clone/Fairy Reporter
* Robert Cait as Norm the Genie/Norm Fairy
* Jason Marsden as Chester McBadbat
* Susan Blakeslee as Wanda/Mrs. Turner/Witch
* Daran Norris as Cosmo/Jorgen Von Strangle/Mr. Turner/The April Fool
* Gary Leroi Gray as A.J.
* Rob Paulsen as Bucky McBadbat
* Carlos Alazraqui as Juandissimo Magnifico/Mr. Crocker/Mayor
* Tom Kenny as Cupid/Others
* Ben Stein as Audience of Pixies/Sanderson
* Dee Bradley Baker as Security Guards/Binky Abdul/Fairy Reporters
* Grey DeLisle as The Tooth Fairy
* Jim Ward as Chet Ubetcha
* Faith Abrahams as Francis
* Diana DeGarmo as Cosmo's singing voice
* Simon Cowell as Himself

Judge jokes

# When the witch comes up to sing "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" (it is assumed that she is a fairy version of the Wicked Witch of the West in "The Wizard of Oz") a house falls on her. The Simon fairy says "Wow. You really brought the house down." In reality, when "Idol" runner-up Katharine McPhee performed the song, the real Simon said (in a slightly indifferent tone) that it was an outstanding performance.
# The Tooth Fairy sang "My Shiny Teeth and Me" by Chippington Skylark III (a.k.a. Chip Skylark) because she is a fan (his teeth are her greatest work). Blonda said "Those notes were so high only dolphins could hear them", and we see a dolphin cheering in the audience. In reality, a contestant on "Idol" performed a song in falsetto.


External links

* [http://www.nick.com/all_nick/specials/fairy_idol/ Official site for "Fairy Idol"]
* " [http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0816493/ Fairy Idol] " at the Internet Movie Database

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