image_caption = probably "Harpobittacus tillyardi"
image_width = 240px
name = Hangingflies
regnum = Animalia
phylum = Arthropoda
classis = Insecta
ordo = Mecoptera
familia = Bittacidae
familia_authority = Handlirsch, 1906
diversity_link = Bittacidae
diversity = 16 genera, ca. 170 species
subdivision_ranks = Genera
subdivision ="species numbers in parentheses""Anabittacus" (1)
"Anomalobittacus" (1)
"Apterobittacus" (1)
"Austrobittacus" (1)
"Bittacus" (124)
"Edriobittacus" (1)
"Harpobittacus" (12)
"Hylobittacus" (1)
"Issikiella" (5)
"Kalobittacus" (8)
"Nannobittacus" (4)
"Neobittacus" (2)
"Orobittacus" (1)
"Pazius" (8)
"Symbittacus" (1)
"Tytthobittacus" (1)

Hangingflies or hanging scorpionflies (Bittacidae) are a family of Scorpionflies.

The genus "Bittacus", comprising of ca. 75 percent of all species within the family, occurs worldwide. Other genera are mostly confined to either South America or Australia.


This list is based on "The World Checklist of extant Mecoptera Species: [http://www.calacademy.org/research/entomology/Entomology_Resources/mecoptera/bittacid.htm Bittacidae] ". Presumably complete up to 1997, it is updated as needed.

* "Anabittacus" Kimmins, 1929:* "Anabittacus iridipennis" Kimmins, 1929 (Chile)

* "Anomalobittacus" Kimmins, 1928:* "Anomalobittacus gracilipes" Kimmins, 1928 (South Africa)

* "Apterobittacus" MacLachlan, 1893:* "Apterobittacus apterus" (MacLachlan), 1871 (S USA)

* "Austrobittacus" Riek, 1954:* "Austrobittacus anomalus" Riek, 1954 (Australia)

* "Bittacus" Latreille, 1805 (worldwide):* "Bittacus aequalis" Navás, 1914 (Kenya):* "Bittacus africanus" Esben-Petersen, 1915 (Zaire):* "Bittacus alluaudi" Navás, 1914 (Kenya, Tanzania, Ethiopia):* "Bittacus andinus" Londt & Byers, 1974 (Bolivia, Peru):* "Bittacus angrensis" Souza Lopes & Mangabeira, 1942 (Brazil):* "Bittacus annae" Londt, 1972 (South Africa):* "Bittacus appendiculatus" Esben-Petersen, 1927 (China (Yunnan)):* "Bittacus armatus" Tjeder, 1956 (Zimbabwe, South Africa):* "Bittacus banksi" Esben-Petersen, 1915 (Panama to Mexico):* "Bittacus berlandi" Capra, 1939 (Tanzania, Kenya):* "Bittacus bicornis" Londt, 1993 (South Africa):* "Bittacus bifurcatus" Hua & Tan, 2008 (China):* "Bittacus boraceiensis" Morgante, 1967 (Brazil):* "Bittacus boranicus" Capra, 1939 (Ethiopia):* "Bittacus brasiliensis" Klug, 1838 (Argentina, Brazil):* "Bittacus brunneus" Esben-Petersen, 1927 (Paraguay):* "Bittacus bullatus" Londt, 1972 (South Africa):* "Bittacus burgeoni" Navás, 1930 (Zaire):* "Bittacus burmanus" Tjeder, 1974 (Burma):* "Bittacus byersi" Londt, 1972 (South Africa):* "Bittacus capensis" (Thunberg, 1784) (South Africa):* "Bittacus caprai" Londt, 1972 (Zambia, Zimbabwe):* "Bittacus carpenteri" Cheng, 1957 (China (Szechwan)):* "Bittacus chevalieri" (Navás, 1908) (Chad, Mali, Senegal, Djibouti):* "Bittacus chilensis" Klug, 1838 (Chile):* "Bittacus chlorostigma" MacLachlan, 1881 (southern USA):* "Bittacus chujoi" Issiki & Cheng, 1947 (Taiwan):* "Bittacus cirratus" Tjeder, 1956 (China (Manchuria, Kiangsi)):* "Bittacus contumax" Tjeder, 1956 (China):* "Bittacus coreanus" Issiki, 1929 (China (Kiangsu), Korea):* "Bittacus cottrelli" Londt, 1972 (South Africa):* "Bittacus discors" Navás, 1914 (Kenya, Somalia):* "Bittacus disternum" Byers, 1996 (Costa Rica):* "Bittacus diversinervis" Souza Lopes & Mangabeira, 1942 (Brazil):* "Bittacus echinatus" Hua & Huang, 2008 (China):* "Bittacus elisabethae" Navás, 1930 (Zaire):* "Bittacus eremus" Lambkin, 19884 (Australia):* "Bittacus erythrostigma" Byers, 1975 (Uganda, Zaire):* "Bittacus femoralis" Klug, 1838 (Brazil):* "Bittacus flavescens" Klug, 1838 (Brazil, Venezuela):* "Bittacus formosanus" Issiki, 1927 (Taiwan):* "Bittacus fritzi" Williner, 1990 (Argentina):* "Bittacus fumosus" Esben-Petersen, 1913 (Kenya, Zimbabwe,Tanzania, Zambia):* "Bittacus geniculatus" Erichson, 1848 (Brazil, Guyana):* "Bittacus golbachi" Williner, 1990 (Argentina):* "Bittacus gressitti" Cheng, 1957 (China (Kwangtung)):* "Bittacus hageni" Brauer, 1860 (Austria, Belgium, France):* "Bittacus henryi" Kimmins, 1928 (Sri Lanka):* "Bittacus homburgerae" Navás, 1933 (French Guinea):* "Bittacus indicus" Walker, 1853 (India):* "Bittacus insularis" Esben-Petersen, 1915 (Sri Lanka):* "Bittacus issikii" Miyamoto, 1979 (Japan):* "Bittacus italicus" (Müller, 1766) (Belgium, Bosnia, Germany, Romania, Spain, Switzerland):* "Bittacus kagoshimaensis" Issiki, 1929 (Japan):* "Bittacus kimminsi" Tjeder, 1956 (South Africa):* "Bittacus kunenensis" Wood, 1933 (Namibia):* "Bittacus lachlani" Navás, 1925 (Kenya):* "Bittacus laevipes" Navás, 1909 (Japan):* "Bittacus latipennis" Gerstaecker, 1885 (India):* "Bittacus leptocaudus" Byers, 1965 (Thailand):* "Bittacus leptocercus" Navás, 1934 (Tanzania):* "Bittacus lineatus" Navás, 1914 (Kenya):* "Bittacus livingstonei" Londt, 1981 (Malawi):* "Bittacus maculatus" Issiki, 1927 (Taiwan):* "Bittacus maculosus" Byers, 1965 (Brazil, Trinidad):* "Bittacus malaisei" Tjeder, 1974 (Burma):* "Bittacus marginatus" Miyake, 1913 (Japan):* "Bittacus mastrillii" Navás, 1913 (Japan):* "Bittacus mexicanus" Klug, 1838 (Mexico):* "Bittacus milleri" Londt, 1978 (South Africa):* "Bittacus montanus" Weele, 1910 (Angola, Cameroon, Kenya, Malawi, Zimbabwe, Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda, Zaire, Zambia):* "Bittacus moschinus" Navás, 1914 (Malawi, Tanzania, Zambia):* "Bittacus natalensis" Wood, 1933 (Mozambique, Malawi, Zimbabwe, South Africa):* "Bittacus nebulosus" Klug, 1838 (Mozambique, South Africa):* "Bittacus nipponicus" Navás, 1909 (Japan):* "Bittacus nodosus" Rust & Byers, 1976 (India, Pakistan):* "Bittacus occidentis" Walker, 1853 (USA):* "Bittacus omega" Morgante, 1967 (Brazil):* "Bittacus oreinus" Navás, 1914 (Ethiopia):* "Bittacus panamensis" Byers, 1958 (Costa Rica, Panama, Venezuela):* "Bittacus peninsularis" Byers, 1996 (Mexico (Baja California Sur)):* "Bittacus peringueyi" Esben-Petersen, 1913 (South Africa):* "Bittacus peterseni" Kimmins, 1938 (South Africa):* "Bittacus pieli" Navás, 1935 (China (Kiangsi)):* "Bittacus pignatellii" Navás, 1932 (Panama):* "Bittacus pilicornis" Westwood, 1846 (Canada, USA):* "Bittacus pinguipalpi" Wood, 1933 (Namibia):* "Bittacus pintoi" Souza Lopes & Mangabeira, 1942 (Brazil):* "Bittacus planus" Cheng, 1949 (China (Shensi)):* "Bittacus pobeguini" (Navás, 1908) (Zaire, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Nigeria, Uganda):* "Bittacus pollex" Byers & Roggero, 1992 (Panama):* "Bittacus punctiger" Westwood, 1846 (USA):* "Bittacus rossi" Londt, 1977 (Zaire):* "Bittacus saigusai" Miyamoto, 1984 (Japan):* "Bittacus schoutedeni" Esben-Petersen, 1913 (Zaire):* "Bittacus selysi" Esben-Petersen, 1917 (South Africa):* "Bittacus sinensis" Walker, 1853 (China (Chekiang, Kiangsu), Korea, Japan):* "Bittacus sinicus" Issiki, 1931 (China (Szechwan)):* "Bittacus sjostedti" Weele, 1910 (Kenya, Tanzania):* "Bittacus smithersi" Londt, 1972 (South Africa):* "Bittacus sobrinus" Tjeder, 1956 (South Africa):* "Bittacus sonani" Issiki, 1929 (Taiwan):* "Bittacus spatulatus" Byers, 1996 (Costa Rica, Nicaragua):* "Bittacus stanleyi" Byers, 1968 (Zaire, Malawi):* "Bittacus stigmaterus" Say, 1823 (USA):* "Bittacus striatus" Issiki, 1927 (Taiwan):* "Bittacus strigosus" Hagen, 1861 (USA, Canada):* "Bittacus sylvaticus" Byers, 1996 (Mexico (Veracruz)):* "Bittacus takaoensis" Miyake, 1913 (Japan):* "Bittacus taraiensis" Penny, 1969 (India):* "Bittacus tarsalis" Miyamoto, 1984 (Japan):* "Bittacus testaceus" Klug, 1838 (Zimbabwe, South Africa):* "Bittacus texanus" Banks, 1908 (southern USA):* "Bittacus tienmushana" Cheng, 1957 (China (Chekiang)):* "Bittacus tjederi" Londt, 1970 (South Africa):* "Bittacus triangularis" Issiki, 1929 (Korea, Manchuria):* "Bittacus tuxeni" Byers, 1975 (Guinea, Malawi):* "Bittacus ussuriensis" Plutenko, 1985 (Far Eastern Russia):* "Bittacus vexilliferus" Byers, 1970 (China (Szechwan)):* "Bittacus vumbanus" Smithers, 1960 (Zimbabwe):* "Bittacus wahlbergi" Londt, 1972 (South Africa):* "Bittacus walkeri" Esben-Petersen, 1915 (South Africa):* "Bittacus weelei" Esben-Petersen, 1913 (Angola, Ethiopia, Ghana, Malawi, Nigeria, Tanzania, Uganda, Zaire, Zambia):* "Bittacus zambezinus" Navás, 1931 (Mozambique, Malawi, Zimbabwe, South Africa):* "Bittacus zelichi" Williner, 1990 (Argentina):* "Bittacus zulu" Londt, 1972 (South Africa)

* "Edriobittacus" Byers, 1974:* "Edriobittacus microcercus" (Gerstaecker, 1885) (Australia)

* "Harpobittacus" Gerstaecker, 1885 (Australia) :* "Harpobittacus albatus" Riek, 1954 (coastal E Australia):* "Harpobittacus australis" (Klug, 1838) (SE Australia and Tasmania):* "Harpobittacus christine" Lambkin, 1994 (inland SE Queensland):* "Harpobittacus nigriceps" (Selys, 1868) (SE mainland Australia):* "Harpobittacus phaeoscius" Riek, 1954 (SW Western Australia):* "Harpobittacus quasisimilis" Lambkin, 1994 (SW Western Australia):* "Harpobittacus rubricatus" Riek, 1954 (inland SE Australia):* "Harpobittacus scheibeli" Esben-Petersen, 1935 (E Australia):* "Harpobittacus septentrionis" Lambkin, 1994 (coastal N Queensland):* "Harpobittacus similis" Esben-Petersen, 1935 (SW Western Australia):* "Harpobittacus tillyardi" Esben-Petersen, 1915 (= "H. nigratus" Navás, 1932) (coastal E Australia and Tasmania)

* "Hylobittacus" Byers, 1979:* "Hylobittacus apicalis" (Hagen, 1861) (USA, Mexico)

* "Issikiella" Byers, 1972 (South America):* "Issikiella amazonica" Byers & Florez, 1995 (Colombia):* "Issikiella araguaiensis" Penny & Arias, 1983 (Brazil):* "Issikiella boliviensis" Williner, 1985 (Bolivia):* "Issikiella byersi" Penny & Arias, 1983 (Brazil):* "Issikiella pulchra" Byers, 1972 (Brazil)

* "Kalobittacus" Esben-Petersen, 1914 (Central America):* "Kalobittacus bimaculatus" Esben-Petersen, 1914 (Mexico):* "Kalobittacus demissus" Byers, 1996 (Costa Rica):* "Kalobittacus hubbelli" Byers, 1965 (Honduras):* "Kalobittacus inornatus" Byers, 1996 (Costa Rica):* "Kalobittacus masoni" Byers, 1994 (Mexico):* "Kalobittacus maniculatus" Byers, 1996 (Guatemala):* "Kalobittacus ramosus" Byers, 1958 (Panama):* "Kalobittacus similis" Byers, 1994 (Mexico)

* "Nannobittacus" Esben-Petersen, 1927 (Brazil to Panama):* "Nannobittacus elegans" Esben-Petersen, 1927 (Brazil):* "Nannobittacus pollex" Byers & Roggero, 1992 (Colombia, Panama):* "Nannobittacus souzalopesi" Penny & Arias, 1983 (Brazil):* "Nannobittacus tjederi" Byers, 1965 (Colombia, Panama, Venezuela)

* "Neobittacus" Esben-Petersen, 1914:* "Neobittacus aripuanaensis" Penny, 1977 (Brazil):* "Neobittacus blancheti" (Pictet, 1836) (Brazil)

* "Orobittacus" Villegas & Byers, 1982:* "Orobittacus obscurus" Villegas & Byers, 1981 (California)

* "Pazius" Navás, 1913 (Brazil to Panama):* "Pazius cinctipes" Byers & Florez, 1995 (Colombia):* "Pazius flinti" Byers, 1977 (Panama):* "Pazius furcatus" Byers, 1957 (Venezuela):* "Pazius gracilis" (Navás, 1908) (Peru):* "Pazius obtusus" Byers, 1957 (Panama, Costa Rica):* "Pazius ornaticaudus" Penny, 1977 (Brazil):* "Pazius pectinatus" Byers, 1977 (Ecuador):* "Pazius spinosus" Byers & Roggero, 1992 (Panama)

* "Symbittacus" Byers, 1986:* "Symbittacus scitulus" Byers, 1986 (Australia)

* "Tytthobittacus" Smithers, 1973:* "Tytthobittacus macalpinei" Smithers, 1973 (Australia)

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