Pulse (AIIMS)

Pulse (AIIMS)

Pulse is the annual cultural, literary and sports festival of the All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi, India. It is held in the second half of September, usual dates being September 16-22 or September 17-23. This week long extravaganza is the biggest inter-college festival of the medical fraternity of India, with participation of over 100 medical colleges all over India and even foreign medical colleges. Apart from the medical colleges, IIT Delhi and many colleges of Delhi University and Jawaharlal Nehru University also participate in various events in Pulse. For some of the mega events, like the Rock Nite, attendance may go over 10,000. The number of registered delegates varies from 4,000 to 6,000 every year. Registration is required for participants from outside Delhi. Registered delegates are provided accommodation and transportation at a nominal cost for the seven days. Participants in medical colleges from even the farthest corners of India eagerly await the invitation to Pulse and come to Delhi to attend Pulse. The regular winning teams for many events practise vigorously to maintain their status in Pulse. A "pulse champion" in the well participated events can be considered an inter-medical champion of national level.


The festival with its present name pulse probably started in 1972. Each year, starting from 1999, the highlights of Pulse are being recorded online in [http://www.nhindia.net/forum/YaBB.cgi?board=udaan;action=display;num=1140974682 Hybrid Hues] , the magazine of AIIMS students.

Common Events

The opening ceremony is highlighted by the "P wave" - an opulent musical dance drama performed by students of AIIMS, depicting the theme of the pulse of that year. "P wave" is named after the first wave in an ECG pulse.

The events in pulse can be broadly categorized into:
*Social and cultural events

*Literary events

*Sports events


*Mega events

Under each of these divisions there are numerous events. Also there are various other carnival activities including those organized by some of the sponsors. Stalls of food items and various other local attractions add to the carnival atmosphere.

At any point of time multiple events go on almost round the clock for one full week with vociferous support from the crowds. Due to the high level of participation, the events are hotly contested national level inter-medical competitions, apart from some women-team events like basketball where non-medical teams are allowed participation.

pecial attractions

Pulse holds high class due to quality of participation as well as the judges. The best people in their fields available are invited to be the judge for the respective fields. Many of them are national level celebrities. The major attraction for every night is the Music Request Counter in the central quadrangle in the hostel. Every evening on all seven days there is one mega event in addition to the regular competitive events. The central Foyer in front of the Jawharlal Nehru Auditorium - the heart of pulse activities - is generally decorated with a huge "rangoli" which stays for the seven days. ( [http://www.nhindia.net/forum/YaBB.cgi?board=udaan;action=display;num=1088917479 More Rangolis] )

Behind the scenes

Pulse takes place by the co-ordinated efforts of the students at AIIMS. Preparations for pulse starts more than 6 months before the event. Teams leaders are elected for different activities (like finance, conduction, internal publicity, external publicity, security, general arrangements, transport, central reception, accommodation etc). These teams are under a Chief Co-ordinator and act in concodrance with the teams under the Social & Cultural, Literary and Sports Secretaries (members of the Students Union, AIIMS) who host the competitive events. They all receive materials and instruction from the previous years' teams for the same activities, some of which, with more than three decades heritage, have become part of a well standardized (but complicated) algorithm. The most laudable part is that AIIMS students take pride in executing most of these activities with the least hired professional help in spite of the small size of its student population. This is possible due to the high motivation and cooperation of all members of AIIMS community to let Pulse go on at its best.


* [http://www.su-aiims.com/pulse2006.htm Official PULSE 2006 Page]
* [http://www.nhindia.net/forum/YaBB.cgi?board=allabout Pulse Discussion Board]
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