Automated pool cleaner

Automated pool cleaner

An automated pool cleaner is a robotic vacuum cleaner intended to collect debris and sediment from swimming pools. Most models use a random motion pattern to ensure that the entire floor surface is eventually covered.


The first swimming pool vacuum cleaner was invented by Ferdinand Chauvier in South Africa, a hydraulics engineer who came to South Africa from the Belgian Congo in 1951. Chauvier quickly realised that there was a huge market for taking the hassle out of cleaning swimming pools, and went about inventing a machine that would do the job automatically, efficiently powered by the ordinary operation of the pool's filter. But it wasn't until 1974 that the first Kreepy Krauly was born in Chauvier's Springs home. [cite web|url=|title=Our Success Story|publisher=Kreepy Krauly|accessdate=2007-02-05] [cite web|url=|title=South African inventions|publisher=International Marketing Council of South Africa|accessdate=2007-02-05]


There are Five main types of cleaners, classified by the drive mechanism used:
* "return-side driven" — water outflow being returned to the pool is used for locomotion and debris suction, via the venturi effect.
* "pressure driven" — water outflow is pressurized using a secondary "booster" pump. This high pressure water is used for locomotion and debris suction, via the venturi effect.
* "suction-side driven" — water being pumped out of the pool via its skimmer or drains is used for locomotion and debris suction.
* "suction-side floating skimmer" — water being pumped out of the pool via its fixed skimmer or drain is pulled through a floating skimmer this method makes use of the surface tensionof the pool to pull floating contaminants to its self.
* "electronic or robotic" — an external electrical power cord is used to drive motors used for locomotion and suction.

Electronic or robotic

The electronic automated pool cleaner consists on a very simple concept. It has a drive motor, a pump and a processor.The pump is drawing the water from the bottom of the robot where the intake valves are located, through the filter and out to the top outlet of the cleaner. During that process debris and dust that are on the pool surfaces, being vacuumed into the filter section, and particles that are large enough stay inside the robots filter unit until cycle is done and disposal is being removed.The drive motor is made to give the pool robot a directional movement but it does not determine the route. The drive motor is driving the drive belts and the drive belts are driving the wheels or wheel tubes depending on the model.The processor is made to determine the cycle time of the motors to a specific direction. The more advanced models have more advanced processors which remember the pool's size and shape and determines the most efficient route to clean the entire pool. [cite web|url=|title=Robotic Swimming Pool Cleaner - Broader View||accessdate=2007-02-04]

uction side Floating Skimmer

The suctionside floating pool skimmer is connected to suction by one or more flexible hoses. It consists of a collection basin with weirs that allow water to flow over them this is supported at the surface of the water by float ballast elements. This system of skimming maintains a very fine skim of water and as a result is able to attract the majority of floating material on the surface of a pool an a very short time. Because it maintains such a fine skim of water a water compensation valve in the side of the unit below the surface stops cavitation and maintains a full flow of water to the filtration equipment at all times. The floating pool skimmer is not affected by changing water levels in a swimming pool.


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