Electric ray

Electric ray

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image_caption = "Torpedo fuscomaculata"
regnum = Animalia
phylum = Chordata
classis = Chondrichthyes
subclassis = Elasmobranchii
superordo = Batoidea
ordo = Torpediniformes
subdivision_ranks = Families
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Electric rays (order Torpediniformes) are fish that have a rounded body and a pair of organs capable of producing an electric discharge, varying from as little as 8 volts to up to 220 volts depending on the species, which is used to stun or kill prey. There are 69 species in four families. [cite web|url=http://www.elasmo-research.org/education/shark_profiles/torpediniformes.htm|title=Torpediniformes: Electric Rays|publisher=ReefQuest Centre for Shark Research] The monotypic family Hypnidae, however, may be classed as a subfamily of Torpedinidae under the name Hypninae.

Perhaps the most known members are those of the genus "Torpedo", also called crampfish and numbfish, after which the device called a torpedo is named. The name comes from the Latin "torpere", to be stiffened or paralyzed, referring to the effect on someone who handles or steps on a living electric ray.

Torpedo rays are excellent swimmers. Their round disk shaped bodies allow them to remain suspended in the water or roam for food with minimal swimming effort.

Medicinal Use

The electrical shocks of the torpedo fish did not go unnoticed by the ancient Greeks and Romans. Scribonius Largus, a Roman physician, recorded the use of torpedo fish for treatment of headache and gout in his "Compositiones Medicae" of 46 AD.citation
first = Theodore H. | last = Bullock
title = Electroreception
pages = 5–7
publisher = Springer
year = 2005
isbn = 0387231927

Some electric rays

*Marbled electric ray, "Torpedo sinusperisici"
*Atlantic torpedo ray, "Torpedo nobiliana"
*Pacific electric ray, "Torpedo californica"
*Lesser electric ray, "Narcine brasiliensis"
*Blind electric ray, "Typhlonarke aysoni"


See also

* Electric fish
* Electric eel

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* [http://www.britannica.com/ebc/article?tocId=9363548 electric ray -- Britannica Concise Encyclopedia Online Article]
* [ List of Species called "electric ray"]

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