Louisiana State Legislature

Louisiana State Legislature

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house_type = Bicameral
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House of Representatives
leader1_type = President of the Senate
leader1 = Joel Chaisson
party1 = (D)
election1 = January 14, 2008
leader2_type = Speaker of the House
leader2 = Jim Tucker
party2 = (R)
election2 = January 14, 2008
members = 144
p_groups = Democratic Party
Republican Party
election3 = November 17, 2007
meeting_place = Louisiana State Capitol, Baton Rouge
website = http://www.legis.state.la.us/

The Louisiana State Legislature is the state legislature of the U.S. state of Louisiana. It is bicameral body, comprising the lower Louisiana House of Representatives with 105 Representatives, and the upper house Louisiana Senate with 39 Senators. Members of both houses are elected from single-member constituencies.

The State Legislature meets in Louisiana State Capitol building in Baton Rouge.


Members of both houses of the legislature serve a four-year term with a term limit of three terms (twelve years). Term limits were passed by state voters in a constitutional referendum in 1995, and was subsequently added as Article III, §4 of the Louisiana Constitution. The first legislators to be termed out of office began in 2007.


The officers of each house of the legislature are elected at the beginning of each term to serve for four-year terms. The Louisiana House of Representatives elects from among its members a Speaker and Speaker Pro Tempore. Although not mandated constitutionally, the Speaker of the House is traditionally recommended by the Governor of Louisiana to the body. The current speaker, Jim Tucker, a Republican, presides over the House, despite his party not commanding a majority. The House also elects its chief clerical officer, the clerk of the House, who is not an elected member. The Louisiana Senate elects its presiding officer, the President of the Senate, from among its membership, though the position is also traditionally recommended by the Governor. Each house provides for the election of its officers.

Since the ratification of the current Louisiana Constitution in 1974, the Lieutenant Governor of Louisiana does not serve as the Senate President, and instead the office's powers have been transferred to sit on committees, boards and commissions on which the Governor also serves.

essions and Quorum

In even-numbered years, a state legislature convenes at noon on the last Monday in March to extend for no longer than 60 legislative days during a period of 85 days. In odd-numbered years, a limited jurisdiction session convenes at noon on the last Monday in April for no longer than 45 legislative days during a period of 60 days. The legislature also may convene for extraordinary sessions and for veto sessions. The legislature is required to meet in an organizational session, which cannot exceed three days, on the date its members take office. A special session may be called by the Governor or may be convened by the presiding officers of both houses upon a written petition of a majority of the elected members of each house. A special session is limited to the number of days stated in the proclamation, not to exceed 30 days. The power to legislate in a special session is limited to the objects specifically enumerated in the proclamation.

In order to constitute a quorum, both houses require a majority of members present; 53 members of the House of Representatives and 20 members of the Senate. A smaller number may adjourn from day to day and may compel attendance of absent members. Each house is required to also keep a journal of its proceedings and have it published immediately after the close of each session. The journal of each house is required to accurately reflect the proceedings therein, including all record votes. When the legislature is in session, neither house can adjourn for more than three days or to another place without the consent of the other house.

Political immunitiy

Members of both houses of the state legislature are free from arrest, except for felony, during his or her attendance at sessions and committee meetings of his house and while going to and from them. No member shall be questioned elsewhere for any speech in either house

Veto powers

The Governor of Louisiana carries the power of the line-item veto. However, the legislature has the constitutional power to override a gubernatorial veto by an overriding vote of two-thirds from each house.

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* [http://www.legis.state.la.us/ Louisiana State Legislature]
* [http://house.louisiana.gov/ Louisiana House of Representatives]
* [http://senate.legis.state.la.us/ Louisiana Senate]

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