Vortex ring gun

Vortex ring gun

The vortex ring gun is currently (as of early 2006) being developed. It fires a blank cartridge into a barrel which widens towards its muzzle. The pressure accelerates the air or gas in the barrel at high speed and it becomes a high-speed travelling vortex ring.

The weapon has been shown to knock down a 75 kilogram (165 lb) human dummy from 10 meters away with a single shot; military use will need a range of more than 20 meters.

This system will be designed to be handheld for single shots and mounted for multiple shot systems.It is planned to mount the vortex ring gun on a GL-6 repeating revolver 40 mm grenade launcher, or on the MK19-3 automatic 40-mm grenade launcher.

Firing at 10 shots per second resonates with body parts and causes a stronger effect.

An incapacitating agent can be injected so it mixes into and is carried by the vortex ring.


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