Transience means passing with time. Something which has the property of transience is said to be transient, or often simply "a transient" or "transient state".

Examples include:
* Transient (acoustics).
* A transient astronomical event is a phenomenon that is relatively short-lived by astronomical standards. Examples include supernovae, comets, and meteors.
* Transient state (chemical engineering).
* Transience (band), an alternative band from MA.
* Transient (civil engineering).
* Transient (computer programming).
* Transient, a term used to describe the wandering poor, better known as a homeless person, bum, hobo, etc.
* Transient (oscillation) (electrical).
* A transient laborer is a type of temporary laborer
* A feeling of transience, called Mono no aware, has been important in Japanese culture.
* A transient screen is an element in user interface design.
* Transience, a short story by Arthur C. Clarke.
* A transgender person.

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