The Hills Have Eyes 2

The Hills Have Eyes 2

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name = The Hills Have Eyes 2

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director = Martin Weisz
producer = Wes Craven
Johnathan Debin
Peter Locke
writer = Wes Craven
Jonathan Craven
starring = Jessica Stroup
Michael McMillian
Daniella Alonso
Lee Thompson Young
distributor = Fox Atomic
released = March 23, 2007 (Theater)
July 17, 2007 (DVD)
runtime = 90 min.
rating = G
country = USA
language = English
budget = $15,000,000 [cite news|url= |title=Four turtles overtake "300" soldiers at box office | first=Dean | last=Goodman | publisher=Thomson Reuters | date=2007-03-25 | accessdate=2008-08-08 ]
preceded_by = "The Hills Have Eyes"
followed_by =" The Hills Have Eyes 3"
amg_id = 1:355445
imdb_id = 0800069

"The Hills Have Eyes 2" is the 2007 feature film sequel to the remake of the 1977 horror film The Hills Have Eyes. The film follows several U.S. National Guardsmen as they fight for survival against the mutant people living in the New Mexico desert hills In Las Cruces. "The Hills Have Eyes 2" was directed by German film director Martin Weisz and written by father and son team Wes and Jonathan Craven. A graphic novel titled "" was published by Fox Atomic Comics to accompany the release of the film; it was released July 19, 2007.


The movie begins when a woman in a decrepit and filthy underground mine lair is in labor with the mutant-human hybrid baby of the leader of a colony of mutants; Papa Hades (Michael Bailey Smith). While the delivery, though extremely painful, is successful, the hybrid's organs cannot function and the baby dies seconds later. Hades, seeing no use for the woman who cannot produce healthy offspring, he smashed her head with his fist, killing her.

Credits overview, explaining that two years ago, an American family (the Carters) crossing the desert took a wrong turn and drove deep into a military area known only as "Sector 16". By dawn the next day, half the family had been slaughtered. In the following weeks the U.S. Army conducted search and destroy missions throughout the area. Recently, for undisclosed reasons, electronic monitoring was ordered and installed.

Thanks to the efforts of a group of scientists, led by Army Colonel Lincoln Redding, it was nearly in place until a group of mutants (unfortunate victims of nuclear testing) stalk and kill them all while exploring the mining community.

Meanwhile, a U.S. National Guard trainee unit are training on a replica of the streets of Kandahar. It is led by Sarge (Flex Alexander), and other members include Amber (Jessica Stroup), Napoleon (Michael McMillian), Missy (Daniella Alonso), Crank (Jacob Vargas), Delmar (Lee Thompson Young), Stump (Ben Crowley), Spitter (Eric Edelstein) and Mickey (Reshad Strik). After the trainees fail the course miserably, Sarge packs it in and orders everyone into the truck and go back to base.

On their way home, the squad drop by "Sector 16", which is nearby. Noticing they are all missing, they are initially perplexed until they hear groans on their radios and notice an unknown reflection on the hills. They decided to begin a rescue mission, and Napoleon and Amber remain at the camp to attempt to contact the base, while the rest head into the hills to find survivors. Attempt to contact base fail, but they find one of the scientists stuffed down a Porta-Pottie, dying a slow agonizing death from severe infection after being cut all over and then immersed in feces. Napoleon and Amber ask who has done this to him; he replies 'They're Here' and then dies. Amber leaves to alert Sarge and the others, while Napoleon stays behind to mind the camp, and attempt contact with Sarge by radio.

En route, Amber is attacked by one of the mutants; Stabber (Tyrell Kemlo), but is saved when Mickey shoots at Stabber, causing him to flee into a hole in the ground. Examination of the hole is found to lead to the mine-shaft network below. Moments later, another mutant seizes Mickey and drags him through a tiny hole in the cliff face. Amber tries to pull him out, but Mickey is killed when the mutant succeeds in dragging him through, breaking him in half in the process.

Tragedy strikes when Spitter, while attacked by another of the mutants, shoots wildly in an attempt to fight him off, and several of his bullets hit and kill Sarge, leaving the trainee unit scared and disorganized. While the group are returning to the camp, Spitter is killed when, while carrying Sarge's body, the rope he is using to climb down the cliffs is cut by mutants.

While planning their next move, the group come across Redding, who has survived the massacre of scientists and his own grave injuries for now. He explains what the group is dealing with and then commits suicide.

The survivors resolve to fight. Amber and Missy go out into the hills to draw out their attackers. Stabber ends up taking the bait and is lured into an ambush. Stump, Delmar and Crank shoot him dead.

While separated from the rest of the squad, Missy is captured by one of the mutants, Chameleon (Derek Mears), and dragged into the mine lair with the squad in close pursuit. The group decide to attempt a rescue mission of Missy, but Stump, rebellious and challenging of Amber's authority, decides it is hopeless and instead decides to go off on his own, to climb down the cliffs to the desert and reach safety on foot. This decision cost him his life; and a mutant, Letch (Jason Oettle), slices off his arm, sending Stump tumbling to his death.

The purpose of Missy's kidnap soon becomes clear while a prisoner of Chameleon; she is to replace the previous woman (killed by Hades earlier) as a breeder for the mutant's children, as their tribe are on the verge of extinction following the Army's purge. Chameleon, planning to rape and impregnate Missy, makes forceful advances, but Missy is successful in temporarily disabling him and attempts to escape, only to find Hades behind the door she was using. Hades, wanting to have a child by Missy himself, hits Chameleon and forces him to flee, while Hades grabs Missy and rapes her.

Chameleon encounters Amber and Napoleon in the mine, and almost succeeds in killing Amber, though Napoleon kills Chameleon in a brutal manner by maniacally pulverizing his head in with a large rock.

In another chamber, Delmar and Crank, attempting to catch up with Amber and Napoleon, find Chameleon's corpse, as later does another mutant, Grabber (Gáspár Szabó). Grabber is found to possess a carbine rifle, stolen from the group, and opens fire on the two men. In the exchange, Grabber is killed, and Delmar is hit by 2 bullets; one through his left shoulder, and another through his left side. Eventually, they meet up with the others, and it is there they encounter another mutant; Hansel. Unlike his family; Hansel is willing to lead them to where Missy is being held.

Eventually Delmar succumbs to the damage received to one of his major organs by the bullet in his side. He collapses from his injuries and dies in Crank's arms, causing his best friend to have an emotional meltdown. Searching desperately for a way to break open a newly-discovered armored door to the surface; Crank discovers a large crate of dynamite, but fails to notice the firing trigger still attached to the primed explosives until it falls to the ground and activates, blowing him to bits.

While Hansel departs, Amber and Napoleon are ambushed by Letch in an area of the mine network the scientists were working. They quickly kill him, and expend their remaining ammunition excluding a single round Amber saved for a critical moment.

Finally, they find Missy, who Hades has since secured to his bed in preparation for additional rapes. While using Missy's cellphone to distract and lure Hades away, Amber and Napoleon untie the emotionally traumatized Missy. Hades then returns, bursting through a wall and knocking Napoleon to the ground. After attempting to kill Missy, Hades turns his attention to Amber, who uses her last round to shoot Hades in the side of the head, though fails to kill him. While Hades tries to choke Amber, Napoleon regains his senses and impales Hades through the back with a spear while Amber damages a part of his exposed brain, causing the behemoth to collapse. Within minutes, Hades is active again. Amber, Missy and Napoleon physically overpower, beat and subdue him while Napoleon impales Hades through the mouth with his bayonet, finally killing him. The three traumatized soldiers leave the mine.

As they leave, they are being watched by an unknown person through a computer with infrared sensor on a laptop computer, which is shut by an unseen person who is wearing a tattered glove similar to those worn by some of the mutants.

The ending of the film is left ambiguous. It is unknown if the soldiers make it out of the desert safely or if they are captured by other mutants.

The credits roll with an overview, saying that the disappearance of the National Guard trainees and their sergeant was never explained to their families, with them being officially listed as "absent without leave". "Sector 16" is still not acknowledged to exist.


The guardspeople

*Michael McMillian as Napoleon
*Jessica Stroup as Amber
*Daniella Alonso as Missy
*Jacob Vargas as Crank
*Lee Thompson Young as Delmar
*Ben Crowley as Stump
*Eric Edelstein as Spitter
*Flex Alexander as Sarge
*Reshad Stink as Mickey

The mutants

*David Reynolds as Hansel
*Michael Bailey Smith as Papa Hades
*Tyrell Kemlo as Stabber
*Gáspár Szabó as Grabber
*Derek Mears as Chameleon
*Jason Oettle as Letch

"Sector 16" workers

*Jeff Kober as Redding
*Jay Acovone as Wilson
*Philip Pavel as Foster
*Archie Kao as Han


*Cecile Breccia as Pregnant woman
*Fatiha Quatili as Afghan woman
*Joseph Beddelem as Insurgent
*Jeremy Goei as Clyde


"The Hills Have Eyes 2" began filming in the summer of 2006 in Ouarzazate, Morocco, where the previous movie was filmed.

Writer Wes Craven's initial inspiration for the film came to being as he was having a casual conversation with producer Peter Locke. Craven envisioned that the previous film's character, Brenda (Emilie de Ravin), traumatized by the torment of the events in "The Hills Have Eyes", would join the National Guard to overcome her fears. Barely through her basic training, Brenda would receive a call from her sergeant, who explains that they are sending a team back to the New Mexico desert to rid of the remaining mutants. Her sergeant and the team need her, for she is the only one left alive who knows the mutant's location. Because of de Ravin's involvement in the television show "Lost", her schedule was unable to encompass filming for the sequel. Wes Craven replaced her character, but kept with much of the original idea in terms of using National Guard soldiers in training.cite book |last= Carolyn |first= Axelle |title= The Hills Have Eyes 2- Military Fright|publisher= Fangoria |year= 2007 |month= February]

A one-minute [ teaser trailer] was released on December 12, 2006. In addition to that, a series of clips with an introduction by Wes Craven and a small gallery can be found on the [ Fox Atomic] website. Also on Fox Atomic is a soundless clip of the mutant Grabber attacking Amber. Recently a full length trailer and two new clips were released to [;_ylt=AtrzH.jvASzlEEqs3sdtFrRfVXcA Yahoo! Movies] .

Craven originally looked at Michael J. Bassett, the director of "Deathwatch", to take over the directing role, but ultimately chose Martin Weisz after scheduling conflicts with Bassett.

Although the original 1977 film had a sequel, this is not a remake of that film.

Box office and reception

"The Hills Have Eyes 2" received mostly negative reviews, gaining a 12% freshness rating from review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes.cite web| publisher= Rotten Tomatoes| url= | title= The Hills Have Eyes 2| accessdate= 2007-06-12] The film grossed $37,405,247 worldwide. [ [ The Hills Have Eyes 2] . "BoxOfficeMojo". Accessed 2007-09-12.]


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