Circadian Rhythm (film)

Circadian Rhythm (film)

Circadian Rhythm is a movie that focuses on a young woman and her radical journey to discover who she is and to find out why multiple enemies want her dead. The woman, Sarah Caul (played by Rachel Miner), is thrown into an action filled construct where she must put the pieces of her life together as well as confront the menace that follows her every move.



Sarah L. Caul is 24 years old, attractive, skilled in martial arts and hyper-intelligent. The only problem is that when we meet her, she has no idea who she is, where she is from or how in the world she wound up in a white infinity room, in the middle of nowhere.

A familiar melody wakes her from a deep slumber and the next thing she knows, Sarah is trying to teach a history class in the very same school she attended when she was 11. The school, of course, is a replica and all of her books and files are completely blank and empty.

As the confusion continues, her assistant principal, SANDRINE, breaks the news to her. She is not a school teacher, instead, she is an assassin and she has something on her body that Sandrine’s government desires.

After a deadly shootout and a high speed chase on a cat-walk, Sarah is intercepted by another ‘handler’, selling her exactly the same story except he claims to be from a different country and a different agency, yet he still desires the same unknown element.

She can not trust a soul and she spends the duration of her time in this construct trying to uncover the truth and stay alive long enough to find out why so many people want her and then simply want her dead.

As the story unfolds, Sarah must put the pieces together while enduring a series of wire-fu fights, a car chase and an intense investigation into her past

When her handlers have extracted all of the evidence they can from Sarah, they decide to eliminate her.

Sarah finds herself back in the white room but before she is killed, two gunshots are heard and a slow, wobbly figure emerges from the shadows. It is J. Edgar Hoover, very much alive and very happy to see that his granddaughter, Sarah, is doing just fine.

He helps her up, dusts her off as they disappear into the abyss of white.

It is learned that J. Edgar Hoover was aware that two government factions ascertained that he was still alive. He essentially used his granddaughter as bait, to flush out these two agencies, eliminate them and any proof that he is still alive.

Cast and crew

The film is directed by Rene Besson and written and produced by James Portolese


Rachel Miner as Sarah L. Caul Jonathan Banks as Trejo Robert Berson as Prometheus Sarah Wynter as Eva X Seymour Cassel as .... David Anders as Garrison Terasa Livingstone as Sandrine

Hong Kong stunts and choreography by HK legend Xin-Xin xiong

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