Gilgit District

Gilgit District

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Gilgit District is bounded by Wakhan Corridor (Afghanistan) in the north, Xinjiang (China) in the north / northeast, Skardu District in the south / southeast. The town of Gilgit is the capital of Gilgit District.

The district includes Gilgit town, Naltar, Hunza, Gojal (Upper Hunza) and Shimshal. It also includes many small villages like Minapin, Hopar and Hispar etc. The highest peak in the district is Distaghil Sar (7,885m) which is the seventh highest peak in Pakistan and 19th highest on earth.

The Northern Areas 1998 census gave its population as 243,324.


The district is administratively subdivided into the following tehsils:

* Aliabad Tehsil
* Gilgit City
* Gojal
* Nagar I
* Nagar II


Only a part of the basin of the Gilgit River,i.e. Gilgit Valley is included within the political boundaries of Gilgit District. There is an intervening width of mountainous country, represented chiefly by glaciers and ice fields, and intersected by narrow sterile valleys, measuring some convert|100|m|ft to convert|150|m|ft| in width, to the north and north-east, which separates the province of Gilgit from the Chinese frontier beyond the Muztagh and Karakoram. Towering above Gilgit is Mount Rakaposhi at convert|7788|m|ft|sigfig=5.

Rivers in Gilgit District

The main rivers in the District are:
*Khunjerab River - flows south along the Karakoram Highway from the Khunjerab Valley, known as Hunza River in the south of Sust
*Hunza River - flows further south and falls into Gilgit River just in the northeast of Gilgit town
*Gilgit River - enters Gilgit District from west in the south of Bichhar Pass (Naltar Valley) and flows west through the Gilgit town.
*Indus River - enters Gilgit District from Skardu District about six kilometers north of Jaglot where Gilgit River falls into Indus River and the Indus flows south along the Karakoram Highway.
**Astor River

There are many tributaries of the above main rivers, some of which are Ghujerab River, Shimshal River, Hispar River, Naltar River and Yaheen River.

Passes in Gilgit District

*Khunjerab Pass, Mintika Pass, Kilik Pass, Chillingi Pass, Shimshal Pass, Ghujerab Pass, Chapchingal Pass, Chaprot Pass, Naltar Pass and Talmutz Pass.

Lakes in Gilgit District

*Naltar Lakes
*Borit Lake
*Rush Lake (Rush Peak)

ee also

*Districts of Northern Areas

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