High-Definition Versatile Disc

High-Definition Versatile Disc

High-Definition Versatile Disc (HVD) is an Asian standard of advanced high-definition technology originally developed in China by AMLogic Inc., for high-definition video. The format resolutions support 720p, 1080i, or 1080p on version 1 discs. Version 2 of the format added high-resolution beyond the standard fare of HD for use on non-TV monitors that support higher resolutions, up to 1880p.

A modified MPEG-2 MP@HL video-codec is used and the format supports audio encoded in Dolby AC3, DTS, Dolby EX, DTS ES, and Prologic 2 audio formats.

All HVDs use standard DVD discs. While the format is referred to as HVD it has no relation to the Holographic Versatile Disc format that came along later and used the same acronym. There are only a few DVD players which support this format. PowerDVD, VLC media player, and Nero ShowTime are the only known software packages to handle the format as the MPEG files are non-standard. Though popular in China, the format, much like VCD, has had little acceptance outside of Asia. Discs are rarely found for sale outside of Asia.

Files on a HVD disc

The following files are from the HVD for "House of Flying Daggers", dated October 31, 2004. The total size is 7.67 GB. This is a version 1 disc.Or|date=September 2008

Taken from the disc contents menu of Wu Di Xiao Zi Huo Yuan Jai. This is a revision 2 disc. It is slightly larger, representing the higher resolution; 1660p. The total file structure is also slightly different. The table below is listed in the same order as the first, to show direct comparison between the two.Or|date=September 2008

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* Enhanced Versatile Disc

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